Aug 8, 2017

My First Isolation Box Experience

This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to try something that has been on my list for years. Here is my account of the experience:

All scraps of clothing removed, I stood with as much patience as I could muster as a bag of handmade leather restraints was unpacked. Each wide leather belt made its way around various parts of my body. Ankles, knees, thighs, torso, and wrists as wrapped in leather. I stepped into the heavy wooden box and laid down. Four inches of leather wrapped foam cushioned me while each strap was attached to the walls of the inside of the box with more leather belts.

We hadn't even finished yet as I began to sink into my own personal heaven. Several friends stood by and watched. Many more went about their own socializing and play sessions in the next room, likely oblivious to my developing predicament. Once I was fully strapped in and secured, a simple S10 gas mask was introduced. Trailing two feet of flexible hose, it was lowered into the box towards my head and carefully tightened over my face. Now out of sight, the end of the hose was connected to a port in the side of the box, allowing fresh air to safely reach my lungs.

Without much ceremony, the lid was lowered and maneuvered into place. One last sliver of light vanished with a thud as the lid slid into position. Moments later, the conversations and music that were once so prominent in my life, were drowned out by the hum of the motor and from a small air exchanger. Fresh air was being pumped into the chamber to prevent excessive heat build-up.

With some metallic clanking, and the rip of velcro, a small door was opened to the left of my head, where a voice asked if everything was OK. After answering in the affirmative, the door was shut and bolted closed. Only a few minutes later, the smell of poppers saturated my only connection to the outside world. I let them carry me into my own world; stored away inside a piece of dungeon furniture until someone decided to let me out. As the effect of the poppers wore off, I couldn't help but think about how there was no where else I'd rather be.

The occasional yelp or moan penetrated the thick padding that surrounded me on all sides. As I began to drift into sub-space, the moans increased in frequency and intensity. While they were muffled, it was easy to tell that they were coming from immediately above me. An unknown boy was tied down inescapably to the full body lacing table that was built into the roof of my storage container. I was nothing but a piece of the bondage furniture that was being used to tease, torment, and ultimately pleasure the anonymous friend just inches above me.

The sound of the lid being removed pulled me out of my bondage induced trance, as several friends greeted me and welcomed me back to the real world. As I later learned, several friends took advantage of the available table that my box supported during my brief three hour trip inside. Three hours. It had felt like two, but also felt too short. Far too short. I needed more. Later that weekend, I was fortunate enough to find myself inside this box again. This time, bound in a rubber sleepsack before being strapped down. Another two hours logged in the box confirmed my feelings. I wanted to explore a truly long term experience in complete isolation. Until then…

You can find a couple pictures HERE