Jun 18, 2016

CLAW 2016

To start, sorry I’ve gotten a bit behind.

This was my second CLAW. I had a great time at my first, but putting the weekend in my rear-view mirror hurt more this time. This one had more meaning. This event is different from many of the other, more ‘high-profile’ events, such as IML and MAL. This event feels like it’s less about flaunting your kinks and gear, and more about celebrating our community.

Contests are replaced with a large series of educational sessions that span topics such as pup play, rubber, bondage, and many others. While the ‘L’ in the anagram stands for leather, it doesn’t matter what material you wear, or what flag you fly. You’re welcome there. The event is growing rapidly, and I suspect that it’s the sense of comradery that is to blame. I won’t complain about that for a second.

That weekend also saw the first weekend of sale of a certain neoprene pup hood… Something I had been wanting to exist for quite some time. Well, I couldn’t resist, so I went for it and the pup in me was born. I’m still experimenting with that particular part of my identity, but I was able to get a considerable amount of exploration done recently, at Capital Pride, which I will post about soon.

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