Jan 19, 2016

MAL 2016

Tonight is a bitter-sweet night. On one hand, I sit here reminiscing about the events of the past week. On the other hand, everything that has brought me that joy has left my side until next time. This Mid Atlantic Leather was incredible. While only my third, I can’t deny that it was my favorite.

Sir and I were lucky enough to have a friend of his visit us from the Tuesday before MAL to the Saturday of the event. This friend has a nearly insatiable appetite for bondage (not unlike myself), that I was more than happy to fulfill. That said, it was a pleasure to keep him bound for the several days before the event began.

The event itself went a little differently than past events. Unlike past events with multiple daily trips to the vendor market and hours socializing in the hotel lobby, this year was more low-key. Actually, perhaps ‘low-key’ is a poor choice. This year, things seemed to be focused on the more important things. I ended up spending most of my time with good friends in a private setting, rather than socializing in public.

On top of this I was fortunate enough to be bound on two occasions on Saturday, and once on Sunday, as well as getting to bind two cute boys. In fact, I might be able to say that I enjoyed more bondage at this event than I have any any other event I’ve been to. I finally got to get tied by a friend that I hadn’t seen since since my first IML: the event that started it all for me. He tied me up at that event, so being tied by him again was a bit of a nostalgia trip.

Pics of me tied are on the way, but until then, enjoy these pictures of tallguy92 tied up, strait-jacketed and in my sling!