Sep 6, 2014

Sir in DC

Last weekend brought another trip to see Sir, but this time, it was in DC. I had only been to DC on one other occasion during MAL. Due to the nature of that event, I didn’t get much of a chance to explore the city and its many sights. I got to see a lot more this time around. Even without a huge interest in history or politics, the city really is an interesting place with a beautiful blend of traditional and modern themes.

Aside from the tourist attractions, Sir and I had an incredible weekend, where we worked to further refine the roles that define our relationship. I was also honored to help him break in a new cane and flogger that had not been used yet. Flogging is something that I have only done one a couple previous occasions, neither of which were in serious scenes or with Sir. Since it was the first time I’ve been flogged in a serious manner, it was a much different experience: One that I have a newfound interest in.