Apr 13, 2014

A Bit of Fun from the Top

A few days ago, I got the chance to play with an old friend of mine, along with a couple new friends that I hadn’t yet met, but had been trying to for quite some time. Due to a recent injury, I wasn’t well enough to endure potentially stressful bondage positions, so I brushed off my ‘Dom’ side for the evening. I’ve had very little play in the last several months, so jumping back into a kinky setting was a much needed stress reliever, even if I wasn’t being bound. As I entered, the gear was neatly spread about the living room, waiting for my own to be added.

We were planning on doing a mummification later in the evening, but discovered that we had plenty of duct tape, but not enough plastic wrap. After a quick trip up to the local home improvement store, we started with some rope. I tied one boy to a chair, while my friend tied the other to an opposing chair. As we both neared completion of our ties, the doorbell rang. This was rather unexpected by both of us, but it turned out to be yet another very cute guy joining our merry band for the evening. After some teasing, we untied the two bound boys and all had a quick drink.

Up next was the planned mummification. We started pretty normal with plastic wrap and traditional gray duct tape. I wanted to do the head in a different color, so we decided on a delightfully bright pink. I love encasement and objectification, and so does the boy we were mummifying, so we were sure to include an inflatable tube gag to ensure that no facial skin was exposed. Aside from our mummy’s locked dick, he was nothing but a duct tape object for us to play with. After we had a pink head, the rest of the mummy just looked too plain, so I added some quick and easy decoration with some bright stripes. It’s not an elaborate decoration, but I think it really helps with the overall ‘curb appeal’.