Jun 24, 2013

IML 2013: Saturday

Saturday morning began with some breakfast and continued to the market. After a brief walk around the two levels, we returned to the room and enjoyed a little more bondage. After being put into a rope harness, my hands were bound to a banister above my head. Shortly after, a new friend joined me by my side in the same manner. I have to say, it really was quite something to be bound with another great guy while looking at the beautiful city of Chicago from the 45th floor of a building. After being teased and tormented for a short while like this, we had a third join us. The three of us were moved to chairs, arranged back to back, where the teasing continued. Shortly after that, I was allowed to get off for the first time in almost 9 days. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of this to share.

Later that evening, I had an appointment with the great YngMstrDetroit. The last time I was fortunate enough to play with him was a year earlier at IML 2012. Similar to that session, this one started with something conductive entering my ass. This year, YngMstrDetroit had a new toy to play with. A special treat. As many of you probably know, either by reputation or first hand experience, the venus milking machine can be very devious. Add some conductive rubber to the interior of the sleeve and you’re in for an interesting time. The pattern of an electro device can become somewhat predictable after a short while when it’s not set on random. Combine that pattern with the motion of the venus’ sleeve, and you get a truly random experience. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being tightly spread eagled with your head encased in neoprene while all of this is happening!

Later that evening, while hanging out with some friends, I was convinced that it was finally time for me to be on the receiving end of a stream of urine. Having been curious about it for a little while now, but not able to draw up the courage to try it, I also thought there was no better time than the present to dive in. I owe it to my friend, AlwaysRight, for giving me the push that I needed to actually go through with it. That was the first time I’ve ever been on my knees in front of a toilet bowl and actually enjoyed myself. The rest of the night was reasonably uneventful. We spent time in the lobby socializing with great friends and enjoying ourselves.

Jun 14, 2013

IML 2013: 113 Returns to Fossil9

On Friday night, I was fortunate enough to once again take my role as 113. After arriving at Fossil9's place, along with his partner TOIL, we all enjoyed each others company and a drink. When the glasses were empty, I was told to go down the hall to the play room. There's never a visit to this play space that doesn't have me questioning what's happening. This night was no different. I was ordered to kneel before being blindfolded. Then I felt a collar wrapped around my neck. This was strange. 'Wrapped'? It was pretty tight, and had very little weight. This was something new. I continued to kneel for a few moments after the collar was applied before my question was answered. A sharp jolt tightened the muscles in the right side of my neck. I was wearing a shock collar. A wave of submission overcame me as I realized his power over me had just increased ten-fold. I loved that little device, but it wasn't long before it was removed.

I remained on my knees as Fossil9 opened the cage and ordered me to get in. As I headed toward the cage I thought it was strange that I was being ordered into bondage with every scrap of my clothing still on. This was another first for me in this room. The next order answered my curiosities. I was to remove my clothing while inside the cramped cage. Unknown to Fossil9 at the time, I was wearing my underarmour compression shorts, which were not a bad match for the underarmour shirt that he had already planned to have me wear.

Once appropriately dressed, I was ordered out of the cage and it into a bit of a predicament. A chain was wrapped around my neck and padlocked. This chain was connected to the ceiling. Standing flat footed, the chain was tight, but did not cut off circulation or breathing. A set of double rigid irons were used at my ankles to keep them apart, while my hands were cuffed behind my back. Once blindfolded, my sense of balance came mostly from my neck and how strong the chain was cutting into it. This let me with very little control over my situation. If I leaned too far in any direction, the chain would dig in deeper. I was forced to maintain as vertical a position as possible.

Later, I was moved against the wall and given my number. By this point, I was already so deep in the sub headspace that I had completely forgotten that "113" had not yet been written across my chest. When I first felt the sharp tip of the marker, I flinched thinking it was a device to tease me, such as a wartenberg wheel. It wasn't until I was ordered to hold still that I realized I was getting my label. I spent a little time getting teased and tormented while chained to the wall with a parachute hanging from my balls.

After this position, I was moved back into the cage for a new position. This one would be more torturous than the last. The cage I was in has a couple of devious stocks in order to hold a sub's head in place. One is located on the top of the cage. The other, where my head was placed, is on the side. Once the cold steel was locked around my neck, I found myself face up, using my elbows to keep my body level with the stock height. I was ordered to slide my legs through the bars on the opposite side of the cage. The parachute, still attached to me balls, was pulled up and away from my body. It was in the position that I got my first 'taste' of watersports. All it took was a simple command for me to open my mouth. Fossil9 will soon be posting a more detailed account of this position during this scene. In the end, I was taken back to the hotel without being allowed release. Better luck tomorrow?

Fossil9 has written his own account of this session that you can read here.

***It is important to note that I was never left alone while the chain was around my neck. My captors were extremely cautious regarding my safety in this matter. Do not attempt anything like this on your own.***

Jun 11, 2013

IML 2013: Friday

The next day was the official start of IML 2013. The market opened late in the morning, so we had some time to kill. It was a good opportunity to do what we did last year at the same time. The hotel isn't far from many of the famous sights in the city, so we went for a little walk. Well, maybe 'little' isn't the best word for it. By the time we returned, we had walked over 6 miles and saw several sights, including the ones below.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time for the opening of the leather market. We spent a good amount of time walking it and seeing everything it had to offer. It was also a great chance to enjoy the harness I had custom made by the talented guys at TCL. I was extremely excited as we approached the booth for "Bound & Gagged". Why? Because there, in the flesh, was the Bob Wingate! It was an absolute honor to meet him, but the fun didn't stop there. AlwaysRight got the pleasure of being bound at the booth for a few minutes. He was tied tightly to a chair before four of us all chipped in to help lift him above our shoulders and walk him a few yards around the market.

Later that evening, I had a session planned with one of my favorite Doms, Fossil9, which I will describe in detail in another post soon.

Jun 7, 2013

A Deeper Look at Chastity

For a little while now, I’ve had my mind on chastity again. My interest in chastity has never waned, but my involvement in it has. I find that there are several reasons for this. For starters, the comfort levels have never been quite where I wanted them to be. I’m sure a number of you are reading this and thinking, “Comfort? Your comfort doesn’t matter!”. Well that’s not entirely true. If you want to be able to ‘live’ in chastity, there needs to be a certain level of comfort. When it comes to a chastity device, there are many things that can affect how comfortable it is. Is the tube or “cage” the right size? Is the ring the right size? How easy is it to urinate in it? Is it too heavy, causing it to pull down? How regularly does it have to be adjusted? And so on...

This is the largest reason I have distanced myself from wearing a chastity device in recent months. The devices I own are both metal. One is heavy enough to almost slip right off in the shower, the other is open enough to make pulling out, getting off, and sliding back in as easy as it was to type this sentence. During these last few months, I’ve let thoughts of purchasing a plastic device cross my mind on more than one occasion. The problem was that I didn’t care for the popular “cb” range of devices. I was also well aware that it is extremely easy for me to slide right out of any of the silicone devices. Fortunately for me, there was a new device on the market, with a somewhat different spin on the ‘ball-trap’ style design. I decided to take the plunge and try this new device, called the “Holy Trainer” (Yea, not crazy about the name).

It arrived just before I had to leave for work the other day, so I had to wait until I got home to try it out. I had heard so many great things about how comfortable it was, so I figured the best test was to stay locked overnight to see how it went. I was quite pleased the next morning after having the most comfortable night in chastity that I had ever had. The next day, I tested the device further by wearing it to work. It cause no problems or discomfort throughout the entire shift. After hearing all of the wonderful things I had to say about this new device, the boy that I am currently key-holding for online decided he wanted a piece of the action. Over the course of just hours, suggestions from him to push my endurance evolved into full control. I still haven’t removed the cage since I first put it on. We’ve come to an agreement. Aside from bondage play and trips, I am to remain locked at all times. This is going to prove to be a very interesting journey for me.

As you may already know, my longest lock up was 13 days. While going so long without access to my own dick was torturous, I wanted to push myself to see if I could take it. I find the same thing is happening to me now. I’m curious about how long I can live in a chastity device. By this, I don’t mean a solid lock up. Long term constant lock-ups have never really interested me personally. Being locked long term, with occasional release at the discretion of my keyholder is a different story though. Giving up so much control without being bound is quite an experience for a sub. When the boy I had locked started giving me orders, I wasn’t really sure what to think. I hadn’t seen this Dominant side of him before. Then the orders got more stern and they took hold of my submissive side. Eventually, I found myself agreeing to give him control of my cage and the dick inside of it for the immediate future. I’m still nervous about all of this, but I’m also very excited to see where it goes.

More on my time at IML coming soon!

Jun 4, 2013

IML 2013: Thursday

What an amazing weekend! I'm sad to say that it's over. While this year's IML was different in every way from last year's, it was every bit as exciting! I can't wait to get my accounts of the weekend posted here, but until then, here is day 1, Thursday:

I arrived Thursday afternoon, prior to many of my friends. Aside from some annoyances with the cta ticket machines, traveling went relatively smoothly. Several of my friends had arrived days before to get set up for the busy weekend in the market, so I didn't see much of them that evening as they still had a lot to do. I was very happy to be invited to join YngMstrDetroit and his crew for dinner. I spent very little time with this group last year, so it was great to get to know them all better over a nice meal. By the time we got back to the hotel, a few of my closest friends were just about to arrive. I met up with a new friend just before to show him to our room. Once my friends arrived and got settled, we all went out to a little Irish restaurant that we frequented during last year's event. By that time, it was rather late so it felt like we were the only ones in the place. We enjoyed drinks and each other's company while catching up. The next day would be the start to a very interesting weekend, full of activities that I wouldn't have even guessed I would do...