Nov 29, 2012

My First MIR, Part 3

After my second experience with Fossil9, I got back to the rubber.  The next day consisted of more time hanging out in the market.  In the evening, I once again found myself at the cocktail hour.  After the hour was over, and people began to funnel into the auditorium for the contest, I again found myself heading for the elevator with other plans.

I was on my way to Touché with Fossil9, Toil, and NateQx.  We weren't there long before I was handcuffed and on my knees.  It wasn't too exciting there, so we decided to head to Jackhammer, where the real party was.  We arrived shortly before the bulk of the crowd arrived, so we hung out on the main level for a few minutes before moving downstairs.  It was only a few minutes later that my hands were cuffed behind my back.  I remained that way for the rest of the evening in the club, with a quick switch to more restrictive hinged cuffs a bit later.

The next day was another at the market.  I spent a good part of the day there until the market closed for the event.  Later that evening, I went to Sidetrack with my good friend Tynan, where the rest of my friends would be spending the evening.  It was showtunes night.  Now showtunes aren't really my thing, and at first, I felt very out of place.  A majority of the tunes were a bit beyond my time, so they were very unfamiliar to me.  I loosened up after a few of those amazing slushies though!

Unfortunately, that was it for MIR.  It was over.  The next morning, I began the long journey home by train, then plane, then automobile.  It was my first MIR, but it won't be my last.  I had an absolute blast.

Thanks to those of you who helped make my MIR trip possible and as amazing as it was!  Love you guys!

Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Being the first Thanksgiving that this blog has seen, I'd like to take the time to give thanks to those who mean the most to me. Of course, I thank my family and friends, but I want to put out an extra special thanks to a group of people. I would also like to thank you, my readers, for sticking with me and making this blog worth having.  I encourage all of my readers to also get out there and show your love and support for those who have given you a helping hand or shown you something special.

Thanks to those of you who have helped me see what kink truly has to offer. You know who you are. You have transported me, housed me, and taught me. Most of all, you have changed my life for the better. Because of all of you, I've seen incredible things, done unbelievable things, and have grown amazing friendships that I can't imagine living without today. You have made the last year the best of my life. A year ago, I never would have guessed that I would be fortunate enough to experience all of the great things that I have in the past year.

Thank you all for your support, your love, your encouragement, and most of all, your friendship. I love you all!

Nov 20, 2012

My First MIR, Part 2 (113)

Before I knew it, I was in Fossil9's play room.  I was on my knees and blindfolded, feeling the tip of a permanent marker sliding over my chest.  Fossil9 has an inspiring way of controlling a sub.  After my first visit, I gave a very detailed recollection of the entire scene.  In order to preserve Fossil9's methods, I plan on leaving the detail to his discretion from here on.  That said, I will still be posting about my meetings with him and his partner, Toil, when I am fortunate enough to have them.

As you can see below, I got to experience the ultimate in security with the extremely heavy duty steel restraints and collar.  I was also put into my first predicament position, which you can read all about in Fossil9's post on his blog here.  It was absolutely incredible submitting to Fossil9 for my second time and really enjoyed the additional presence of his partner, Toil, this time around!

Enjoy the pictures below.  I will be continuing my posts on my first MIR after the holiday this weekend, so until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 16, 2012

My First MIR, Part 1


It was as simple as that.  I was not attending MIR this year.  Sure, I wanted to go.  I had never been to MIR before, and even though it is a considerably smaller event than IML, my interest in rubber has seen a large growth in the past year.  Alas, not this year. When I learned the reason why my friend, Tynan, had asked about my attendance, I really felt bad about missing it.  It turned out he had been asked to do a breath control demonstration at MIR this year.  He and I have done breath control together in the past and he knows that he is one of the rare few who have been able to excite me while scaring me into the submissive headspace.

Well, it had to change.  And it did.  An hour later I found myself at work frantically trying to find coverage for my shifts for the weekend.  Only a couple days later I was waiting at an empty gate at Tampa International Airport.  I arrived late in the evening when there was nothing going on, so I enjoyed a nice relaxing night.

The next morning was slow.  The market did not open until noon and only an hour later, Tynan and I were scheduled to begin our demonstration.  Arriving at the event for my first time was more or less what I expected.  While small, the atmosphere was comfortable.  Of course, everyone was in rubber, which was AWESOME!  We took a quick walk around to check out the vendors and I met a few new people.  Before long, it was time to begin the demo.  We stepped over the rope and into the demo space.  The market was still relatively quiet as it had only been open for an hour.  I was wearing my blue sleeveless rubber shirt and my pair of new rubber shorts.  We started the demo with a simple rope harness.  That harness quickly evolved into a hogtie.  I was blindfolded and multiple strips of that heavenly material, duct tape, were plastered onto my lower face.  From then on, control of my breathing was given to Tynan.  The demo itself was a blast.  We ran through many forms of breath control using things like gas masks, duct tape, rubber strips, and something new to me: a plastic bag.  After about 40 minutes, the demo was over and it was time for me to be untied.  I know...  :(.

For the record:  Do NOT practice any form of breath control by yourself!  Tynan has written about the dangers in doing so, found here.

Here's a quick shot of the beginning of the demo, courtesy of the official MIR website.  Hopefully I'll have more to share with you soon!

After the demo, we walked around the market a bit more.  Fossil9 arrived with Toil to check it out.  It was their first MIR as well.  After spending a little time chatting and hanging out, we all went our separate ways.  My destination was a shower and some warm clothes.  Later that evening, we arrived back at The Center on Halsted for the cocktail hour. We enjoyed the hour and at it's end, the crowd started to head into the auditorium for the first night of the contest.  I had other plans, though.  I had a date with a prime number...

Nov 10, 2012

Minneapolis in the Fall

At 4 am, only two hours after going to bed, my alarm jolted me awake.  Seven hours later, I was walking in the streets of downtown Minneapolis.  Not long after, the next batch of guests arrived.  Later still, the next group.  Before night, almost everyone had arrived.

The next day, we made our way to a friends dungeon.  He wanted to try a new electro technique, so who was I to disappoint?  Once again, I found myself roped down to the lacing table, but this time, with electro on three different locations of my body.  A gag was strapped on, which was also laced tightly to the table so I couldn't move my head.  Of course, this wasn't enough, so my balls were bound and anchored to the ceiling with bungee cords while clothes pins gripped my nipples.  Later than evening, we all enjoyed dinner together and a fantastic game of cards afterwords.

The next day was going to be exciting for me.  That morning, my ex-boyfriend AlwaysRight, had arrived to begin his search for a place to live in the beautiful city.  He has just accepted a new job there and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him!  While waiting for him to finish up, my friend was having a leather harness made for him.  While waiting for this harness to be made from scratch, he was to be bound and teased… by me :).  Now I'm not much of a Dom… at all, but I do enjoy teasing a hot guy in bondage from time to time ;).  Down in my friends dungeon, he was laced to a bondage chair, where I teased and edged him.  About half way through the making of the harness, AlwaysRight had finished his search for the day and stopped by to begin his vacation with us.  His first steps into this amazing kink family were into a dungeon that he had admired with a hot guy bound.

That night also happened to be Gear Night at the Minneapolis Eagle and Bolt Bar.  Finally, I would be able to attend one of these events!  It was a great excuse to wear my new black rubber shirt and get AlwaysRight into rubber for his first time!

Sunday brought a wonderful brunch with the whole group and a very enjoyable walk around the Mississippi.  Later in the afternoon, AlwaysRight and I were led into the play room, where we were bound together for our first time.

The trip was certainly a memorable one!  As always, I hated leaving Minneapolis.  I love the city and I love my friends there even more.  I can't wait for my next visit!  By the end of the trip, I had pretty ugh decided that MIR in Chicago, only 2 weeks later, would more than likely not be an option for me.  About a week and a half after my return home, I received a query regarding my attendance to MIR...

Nov 7, 2012

A Step Forward!

I'd like to congratulate the four states that have made history in taking the first major step forward towards truly equal rights for all.

Along with those states, I'd like to congratulate, and sincerely thank, my many friends in Minnesota who worked so hard and dedicated so much of their lives to making sure this happened. You guys are heroes in the eyes of millions, and one day, because of your work, in the eyes of billions. Well done, and thank you so much!

On a side note, my first MIR was amazing, and I can't wait to tell you more about it! I have a busy week with a wedding to attend and the birthday of yours truly, so please bear with me!