Jun 28, 2012

The Importance of It All

I recently received an email from a friend of mine in Denver, KnowsNoBounds, who was one of the guys who so graciously hosted the Denver trip I recently returned from. He is currently running for Mr. Leather Colorado and has a strong presence in the community as he does everything he can to strengthen it. He wrote a short account of first steps into this community and how becoming a member has made a profound difference in his life, much like my intentions of writing this blog, but abbreviated. I’d like to share his story with you today.

KnowsNoBounds writes: A Lifestyle of Kinks and Fetishes

”Leather, rubber, bondage, puppy play, watersports, Master/slave, Sadomasochism, and so forth. The list is endless. There’s a fetish for everyone and, for everyone, a partner who enjoys the same. The blessings of the Internet have bestowed upon us ways of finding anything you desire and the resources to obtain it. Through Recon, Gear Fetish, Fet Life, Facebook, Craigslist, and other sites, one can look for love, lust, or a Master or Slave and everything in between.

It was through Recon that I found love, but I’ll get to that. I was dropped into the BDSM world and lifestyle under bittersweet circumstances that stemmed from a broken relationship. In abandoning my previous life and running away from the broken relationship, I found an excuse to explore something that had always been taboo but had also been boiling in my mind as an interest. And I found the Denver Eagle. Many will tell of past stories of better days and more sexual environments. To my dismay I learned that perhaps most of the better days of kink and “old” leather were gone and dead. The days of Tom of Finland, the Denver Triangle, the Hanky Code, and Olde Guard Protocol had filtered through window panes of sepia; laws and regulations pushed them away, the AIDS crisis wreaked havoc upon them. But that, my friends, is how tradition and lifestyles are born.

Instead, though, I found myself in a thriving community at the Denver Eagle surrounded by gear, rubber catsuits, Masters, slaves, pups, and a myriad of other indulgences that wafted to my nose like a hypnotic perfume of excitement and overwhelming options. The perfume kindled a fire within me. I wanted to know everything about this community and lifestyle. It was in this, that I purchased as many books from Amazon that I could find regarding leather, protocol, and control. I read and lusted as much for the fetishes as I did for the information I was inhaling. I took on a slave. I didn’t lie to him. I told him I was new to this and only had recent knowledge of the relationship I was getting into. I tied him up, fed him from a bowl, made him clean in a jock strap, and spanked him when he didn’t capitalize Sir. It was a perfect introduction to dealing with control and implementing fetishes into my everyday life. No longer was the sex boring and no longer did I find myself searching for something more. I had found it, I thought.

This relationship went well. But I needed to see things from the submissive side to get the full perspective. As a side note, I don’t believe anyone can fulfill a role without experiencing both sides. This provides balance and a deeper understanding of being a Master or slave. I digress. I was collared on a short-term leash that would provide an (more than) adequate understanding of pain, submission, order, and obedience. I absolutely enjoyed it but the piece of the puzzle that had been present in the domination role simply wasn’t there this time. Some people are born with a “slave heart” and I was not one of them. It has always been a part of my life to help others, to guide them, and to help them learn. In a dream of revelation (that’s another story), I found which role fit me.

After this discovery and my new found passion, I came across a black and white picture on recon. The photo perfected a fit and stunning man on Recon, wearing a catsuit, lying on a bed. His face was blurred and his profile claimed experience so I sent him a message. I learned later that he had previously tried to contact me a number of times to which I didn’t reply; story of my life. I agreed to meet with this individual for a beer. We had a beer. We had several beers. In my nervousness, I monopolized the conversation and held nothing back about my present findings in this culture. A second date had him as a footrest until his muscles gave out and, in that same date, I tied his balls up and tortured him for a while. It was love.

This brings me to my point. It was during this time that I had a lot of thinking to do. I owned a slave, I was now dating someone amazing, and I was trying to dip myself into this new lifestyle. Where did love fit in this? It took some time to find the middle balance of love, lust, fetish, and control. My boyfriend was not my slave. My slave was not my boyfriend. They both fulfilled wants and needs in different ways and in doing so, I found my balance. I’d read multiple articles and theses concerning love vs. BDSM and how you can (or cannot) have both. At the same time, I’ve seen relationships around me that either proved or disproved each of these writings as well. The truth was, it’s different for everyone. It’s a simple idea that’s difficult for some to grasp. The same statement applies to Master/slave relationships though in that there is always a set of protocols but they will always be different depending on the relationship.

Looking on the outside, the lifestyle and all it involves can be intimidating. This is perhaps the reason most are reluctant to join or experiment with it. On the inside I’ve found amazing friends, satisfying experiences, and a boyfriend whom I love more than anything. I can’t thank this progression of events enough because it has shaped me into who I am today. I’m running for Mr. Leather Colorado and win or lose; I’m dedicated more than ever to give back to the community that’s been so kind to me. If you’re already part of this community and you’re reading this, thank you. If you’re reading this and curious about exploring more then I can only urge you to take a deep breath and dive in. That’s all.”

The Even Newer Standard, Part 1

I was really loving the good times I was having with my friend. For the first time, I was content with my kink life. Not excited, but content. Of course, this means it’s time for things to change in a big way again…

When my friend told me that there was a number of well known guys in the community planning to visit FL just a stones throw from his house, I almost didn’t believe it. A rather large kink gathering… in Florida? Really?

Really! All of these guys were coming down and renting a 4th floor condo right on the beach. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous. We arrived in the evening in what seemed like a tropical storm. Ive lived in Florida for my entire life, so I’m very familiar with tropical storms and hurricanes, but this was the worst weather I had seen in a couple years. The rain was light, but the winds were howling. We were just a quick run up the stairs from meeting everyone. Before our feet hit the first step, we were welcomed up as if by a family. It was that moment when I realized that this was going to be very different from any kink experience I’ve ever had.

No more than 15 minutes later, I found myself naked and spread eagled to a bed that ‘conveniently’ had a rope framework waiting for its first victim. After a gag and blindfold were happily accepted, I was almost ready for my first electro experience. Cue cliff hanger…

To Quote a Friend...

To quote a friend of mine, “It’s working”. A couple months ago, my good friend Tynan wrote a post about how his work with his own blog is helping up and coming kinksters break out of their shells. This post from Tynan moved me, partially because some of the post was inspired by his experiences with Flyboyfl and myself, but mostly because of what those experiences personify. His work on his blog has helped many new kinksters get out there and experience the community for what it’s worth. He’s helping people put aside their fears and be themselves. My goal in writing this blog was to share my experiences as I grow from one of those closeted kinksters to an active member of the community in hopes that it will help my readers who are in the same boat I was in.

My blog is still very young, and I’m still stretching my typing fingers, but yesterday, a reader sent me a message about how he thought I was helping those shy kinksters make their way into the community. That said, to all those who feel alone and distant from community, hold tight. I grew up feeling the same way. Yes, a majority of kinksters are usually never as close as you want them to be, but there will be a time when you can get out there and meet them. My experiences, outlined here, are proof that the first step can happen when you least expect it.

I want to thank Tynan for all of his great work with his blog, as well as the huge extra effort he puts forward by traveling to distant cities to speak to the masses. I’d also like to thank my readers for making this blog worth something to more than just myself.

I have a post coming soon about my first huge kink gathering that really helped to show me what I really wanted and have been looking for most of my life.  And yes… there will be a few pictures for you :P

The New Standard

I think it’s time to pick up where I left off on my path to a more kinky life…

As you already know, I became very good friends with Flyboyfl. We have a lot of parallel interests, both kinky and non-kinky. After our first meeting, our bondage experiences were quite frequent. Eventually, things slowed down a little but we always kept it interesting.

I had a lot of great first time experiences following our first encounter. I got to try new gear, new positions, and even new levels of bondage that I had never experienced before. One of which was my first overnight in bondage: wearing a fantastic MaxCita “Psycho II” straight jacket and strapped down to the bed. For that particular night, I was bound for about six hours. It wasn’t the last time I spent the night in that straight jacket either. To date, the longest length of time I’ve ever been bound was overnight in that jacket for 11 hours. 11 hours! Almost half of the day! Maybe some day I’ll break that personal record and be bound in some form for 12 hours? 14hours? More? I’ve even been swimming in the straight jacket :)

Mummifications were also a rather frequent occurrence. We learned a lot about proper technique via trial and error, but there’s still a lot to learn. There will always be something new to learn, and to me, that’s extremely exciting!

During this time, I also gained a lot of experience with sensory deprivation with the Mr. S Leather “Triple Strap Hood”, and learned to love it.

It started as one of the best summers of my life and continued to become a huge part of me. Eventually, it led to the beginning of what I’ve always been waiting for… My kinky family.

P.S. I’m free! I was released after 13 days and I’m no longer locked in chastity. It was a fantastic night of submitting to my boyfriend's every command :) .


For those of you who aren’t familiar with chastity, it’s something that you develop a ’love-hate’ relationship with. That’s what makes it interesting.

For a little while now, I’ve played around with the idea of chastity. I’ve tried a few devices and found one that’s comfortable enough for long term wear. When I started to get into chastity and purchase my first devices, I figured it would be an enjoyable experience to get locked up for a couple days, maybe even as many as 4 or 5. Well, as of right now I’ve been locked up going on 12 days and my awesome boyfriend has all of my keys. I surprised him with them as a “gift” after I had already been locked for 4 days.

Those first few days weren’t bad. It’s an enjoyable experience to wear a cb before you genuinely start to want out. Then the cravings start to set in. For me, this leads to a rather elevated submissive state (I’m actually writing this post because I’ve been told to do so). I do not know my key holder’s plans for my release or when that might be, but that has certainly made this experience the best experience with chastity I’ve had thus far. Give it a shot if you haven’t!

More Coming!

Sorry for the delay in posts. More are coming soon. I’m changing how I write. Previously, I would sit down and write a post and post it on the spot. I find I don’t always have the time to do this, so I’ve started to write bits an pieces here and there in the spare time I have. This should allow me to give more thought to my writing. Seeing that I have absolutely no experience writing for the public, this is definitely a good thing in my book.

That said, there are more posts on their way shortly so stay tuned. Hoping to get some new pics of my recent trip to Denver soon as well as more from another past trip. Thanks for your patience!

A Week Later

A full week after making it back home from the denver trip, things are starting to feel normal again.  Back to the daily grind.  I’m finding that one of the things that I miss about these kink trips is the steadily building excitement before the trip.  Now that my next planned trip is just shy of 3 months away (ouch)… that excitement is rather small compared to before the denver trip.  The good news is that the next planned trip is none other than IML!  That’s right, IML!  This will be my first ever IML and I really can’t wait to go.  I have no doubts that this trip will be the best time of my life to date, so starting now, that excitement I mentioned earlier will begin to build back up again.  It will be slow, but my fingers are crossed that the next 80 days goes by as quick as possible.

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve redecorated a little.  I hope everyone likes it. That old handcuff drawing of mine finally came in handy.  I’m thinking about making a questions page here for people to ask questions.  Maybe a poll page?  Any suggestions?  Oooh, maybe I should make a suggestions page?  Anyway, feel free to message me or leave a comment.  I welcome it!

I’m hoping to post a couple other kink trip experiences shortly, including the one that started everything.  And for you picture lovers, there may be a little something for you soon as well.

Denver: Day 2, Night 3

This day started with a lovely brunch to celebrate the event.  The food and company were both great.  The rest of the day was fairly similar to the day before.  We went back to our friends place and play was off and on for the afternoon.  Eventually it was dinner time and burgers and chicken were made.  Delicious!  We all settled down to watch the awards (of course).  After a little more hanging out and relaxing, I was more than happy to go to bed in a rubber sleep sack.  About 5 hours later it was time to wake up and get prepared for what would be a long journey back to a not so sunny ’sunshine state’.  We arrived to a rainy night to match our gloomy moods.  We were all saddened by the weekend having to end, but what a weekend it was!

Denver: Day 1, Night 2

There’s something really amazing about waking up in an apartment far from home and feeling like you’re where you belong. We were up and about only a few hours after going to bed at 4 am, which felt like 6 am to flyboyfl and myself due to the time zone change from FL to CO. After a brisk walk to a nearby coffee shop and mini market, we made some breakfast and eventually made our way down to the basement for a little fun. I’ll leave the details to your imagination, but the basic story involved three of us getting bound for a couple of hours.

We eventually headed over to a friends place and met up with several other kinksters. Play was intermittent and spread among a number of guys, again details are what you make of them ;) .  I will say however, that I got to try a vac-rack for the first time and it was every bit of awesome that I expected.

Later that evening, we enjoyed a very nice dinner with roughly 20 guys. After dinner we went out to the Denver Eagle for some fun. Tynan was sweet enough to let me wear one of his amazing rubber outfits to the club. This was the first time I had ever worn rubber, and wearing it out to a bar made it that much more exciting! I got a lot of compliments from the other guys about the outfit, and I thank you all for making the rubber feel so much more natural on me. You’re the best!

Eventually it was time to head home for the night. I wasn’t ready to get out of the rubber, but a soak in the hot tub sounded like the perfect next chapter of the night. We capped off the night with my first ever WS experience as the receiver, which I enjoyed very much. What an amazing day with amazing guys!

Denver: Night 1

Night One: Arrival in Denver

45 minutes after the wheels hit the ground, I found myself bound, blindfolded, and gagged in the back of a truck along with flyboyfl and NateQx, anxiously heading towards an as of then unknown equipment laden basement dungeon populated by guys in rubber.

After being led inside, blindfolded and tape gagged, we were walked down the creaky steps into the dungeon. Blindfolds removed, our vision focused to see a group of at least 15 guys watching the new boys. The three of us were put into rope harnesses and tied back to back to back with our hands tied to the rafters. Clothespins, bandanas, gags, and a gas mask came out and the breath play began.


A Little Treat...

Here’s a little something for you guys for while I’m on my kink trip in the Mile High City.  I’ll try my best to post updates, but chances are good that I won’t have much access to my electronic devices. ;) Enjoy!

Big Trip!

Just 7 more days until my next big kink trip! I can’t wait!  I’m so excited to see some of my  old friends, new friends, and make even more new friends! I’ll have more on this trip and the two big ones that preceded it soon!

The Next Chapter

… At the time, it was just another message.  I was a little more excited about it than most because it was from someone closer to my age, which is really hard to come by down here in the ‘retirement state’, but he was completely on the other side of the state so I didn’t think much of it.  Eventually, one message turned into two, two to three, and so on.  We realized that our interests were very parallel which helped to shrink the distance between us.  Eventually the time came for me to make the drive, a little more than 2 hours, to meet this kid and his boyfriend (also kinky).

It wasn’t long before he was the strongest kink friend I had.  It wasn’t long after that before I considered him one of my best friends.  Most of the best kinky times of my life have involved him.  He opened up a whole new chapter of my life.  Eventually, he helped me get to where I am now, meeting new guys, seeing new places, and trying new things:  all of which I could only dream of just a year ago.  Immediately after I began this new exploration, I realized exactly how much weight kink holds in my life (a lot).  Thanks for everything flyboyfl!

Super Bowl Play!

I apologize for the interruption right after the cliff hanger at the end of the last post.  I’ve got a busy week ahead of me, but I promise I’ll pick up where I left off as soon as I can.  Other than that, I enjoyed a little play with my good friend flyboyfl this past Super Bowl weekend.

My first night there, I spent the night hooded with my hands locked in padded fist mitts and bound to my waist with a locking humane restraint belt.  Don’t you just love good nights in bondage?!  Among other highlights, Flyboyfl got himself tied down to the bed in his straight jacket (As did I) and I got to have a little fun doing a rather simple, yet celebratory decorating of the tight mummification I kept flyboyfl in for the 3rd quarter of the big game.  Nothing special… Just something to remind us that this was a Super Bowl mummy!  Here’s a pic of the final product:

The Norm

So after years of growing up out of reach of the bondage I craved so much, I finally found something.  I was on cloud nine.  After visiting this first bondage friend a number of times, I began to feel more comfortable with the idea of meeting others for this risking form of fun.  Before I knew it, I was meeting a few other guys.  Then something unexpected happened that threw everything off.  I found a boyfriend.

And thus began the first true relationship of my life.  He was kinky.  But that’s it.  Even though we were both into bondage and had other assorted fetishes, nothing really ever happened.  We cuddled.  We had dinner.  We watched movies.  Obviously, it didn’t last very long.  I’m actually surprised it lasted the 5 or so months that it did.  While we were dating, I stopped my bondage meetings.  When it ended, it was back to the norm:

Eventually, I met my good friend, jazzboi, and after an all-nighter bondage meet, we became regular bondage buds.  For a couple years, a majority of my bondage time was spent with jazzboi.  At first we explored a lot of rope bondage and over the course of those years, we both learned a lot from each other.  Eventually, leather gear made it’s way into the fun and opened up new possibilities.  This was my first real step into leather gear.  I had been interested in it before, but with very little experience with it, it wasn’t much more than an interest.  After being able to really get a feel for it and see what it’s all about, my interest in it really began to grow.

At this point, I had reached a new norm.  Things were going good.  I couldn’t complain, but I always kept an eye open for what was next.  I tried to focus on my immediate area when searching for guys on recon and gearfetish, but my efforts didn’t yield many results.

Then everything changed.  And I mean CHANGED.  Out of the blue, I got a message from a kid in Daytona...

Self Bondage and its Death

Ah, the good ol’ self bondage days. I’m sure this was the beginning point for a number of you kinksters. Back then, self bondage was really the only option I had. Bondage itself was still only an interest, but even with such little knowledge of it, I knew it was an interest that I would carry with me for the rest of my life. And that’s certainly held true so far!

So every couple weeks I’d end up either on the bed or floor in a pretty decent self made hogtie. Other times I managed to get myself stretched into a spread eagle. I had a few online contacts that I chatted with who gave me pointers to perfect my technique. Some of my escape tricks got pretty clever. Of course, I always played safe; never put anything around my neck or did anything that could potentially harm me. There was always a solid way out. And like any bondage starved youngster, duct tape was my best friend :) .

After a couple years of this, an amazing thing happened. College! Out of the house, on my own, the world was mine! It took a little time for me to build up the courage, but I finally got some real bondage for the first time. This was the first big change in my kink life, but as you’ll see later, it’s far from the most significant. And here’s the result:

Starting Point

Welcome! After experiencing some incredible changes in my kink life, I’ve decided to create this blog to chronicle my experiences and how they’ve changed me from the start to the present day. I’m hoping to post as regularly as possible, which will include both written accounts as well as pictures :) .

One of the things I’ve learned recently is that it’s important for you to get out there and experience things for yourself. I hope, aside from entertaining, that I can inspire up-and-comers in the community.

So here’s to the first page of this chapter. Hope you enjoy is as much as I will!

Jun 25, 2012

Switch From Old Blog

So I've decided to switch from wordpress to blogger, so we'll see how this goes...