Dec 31, 2012


Well 2012 has come to an end. I can say without a doubt, that 2012 was the best year of my life. It had a couple downs, but the ups far outweighed them. 2012 hosted the massive growth of my kink life, the best new friendships that I could have dreamed of, the birth of this blog, my dive into Twitter, and the best relationship I've ever had with an amazing guy.

To those who were there to share the amazing experiences that this blog describes, Thank You.
To those who made those experiences possible for me, Thank You.
To those who read this blog and follow me on Twitter, Thank You.
To those who dared me to dive and those who pushed me when I wouldn't, Thank You.

I'm a completely different person than I was one year ago, and I owe it to all of you.  Here's to 2012!

That said, I'm looking forward to 2013 and the amazing things that it will bring!  I hope to make it better than 2012, so here's to 2013!

Dec 25, 2012

Why Bondage?

Earlier today, I found myself thinking about bondage, as I do every day. A question came to mind that seemed far too important to just shrug off or think about later: Why do I like bondage? Is there more to it than simply enjoying the feeling of having no control? Indeed, there is.

The question arose upon the sight of a person who had been handcuffed. It made me think about how much I enjoy being handcuffed, even when just lounging around the house. The memory of being kept in handcuffs as we ate dinner one night in minneapolis came to mind, which you can read about here. Then the purpose of the restraints worked its way into my thoughts. They're meant to keep someone from doing something. Why then, would I enjoy having that freedom taken away from me if I planned on doing nothing with it? The same goes for many other bondage scenes that I've found myself subject to in the past. Why do I willingly allow someone to restrain me when I plan to fully cooperate with their demands?

Of course, there are the simple answers. "It's hot to be bound". "I love giving up control to another guy". There's more to it though. On a deeper level. Encased in layers of latex, electro pulsing deep inside you, strapped down to a table, unable to move, and the flow of air through a gas mask as your only link to the outside world. Nothing but a simple pair of handcuffs. Either way, it's all the same. We want to be bound for a reason, but what is that reason?

To find the answer, I had to think hard about my past experiences. What I have come up with is quite simple. 'Importance'. When you give yourself to a Dom, you allow them to accept control of you, accept your freedom, and accept your trust in them. In turn, you feel important. Wanted. Cared for. It helps to fill a desire for attention, however small or large. It isn't necessarily an emotional connection. It's a basic human need.

Dec 24, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a

Kinky Holiday!


Dec 10, 2012

Blog Updates

Well I've made a few recent updates to this blog.

For starters, I decided that the navigation/info bar should be on the left side of the site, rather than the right. While I was at it, I tweaked some fonts and font colors for links, headers, and posts. I have also moved images in posts to be side by side, rather than one single long column, making posts easier to scroll through.

And, then a problem arose. For some reason, the font in about 90% of my posts had been completely corrupted and changed from my default font. Because of this, the font of those posts was reduced to a size that was vey uncomfortable to read. I spent two nights sorting through the the HTML of each bad post to correct the problem. It's finally done and my posts are uniform again :) If you've struggled through that problem with the text, I apologize.

Other than that, you may have noticed the new scrolling text in the top of the left bar. I thought it was a good way of explaining what my name, "boundand" means.

Enjoy the new changes!

Dec 4, 2012

Cut Off

I created this blog to share my experiences in kink. So far, I've been extremely fortunate and have been able to post entirely about positive and exciting events and activities of my kink life. It is a fact however, that life has its ups and downs.  Unfortunately, I'm currently in a trough.

As the fall semester begins to draw to a close, it's becoming more apparent to me just how alone I am down here. So many of my kinky friends are at least 1,000 miles away, one of those guys being my very close friend, AlwaysRight. That distance feels twice as far as it used to with the added hindrance of my ability to travel.

Right now, my only link to it all is through these 2,537,472 pixels. As such, I'm going to try to focus on my blog a bit more. So far, I've changed the layout of my blog slightly. I have also edited my old posts with pictures so they show up side by side instead of one long column of images. I have a few ideas for posts that I'm working on, so keep reading!

Dec 3, 2012


In my most recent post about my first MIR, I briefly mentioned my time at a pair of bars one evening during the event. Here is that experience in a little more detail along with something I learned about myself:

I was kneeling in a leather bar, wearing a rubber shirt and jeans. My hands were handcuffed behind my back and I rubbed my head against a young Dom's leg as he rubbed my head with his hand. Another Dom friend, Fossil9, stood with us. The floor was cold, hard, uncomfortable concrete.  Strangers looked on with interest. Oddly though, I was as comfortable as one might be in a warm bed after a long day.

This was somewhat of a moment of revelation to me. Sure, I knew I enjoyed submitting. I knew I enjoyed kneeling. I certainly knew I enjoyed being restrained, even in its simplest form. For some reason though, it all hit me at that moment. As I look back on it, I think it had to do with the fact that my time kneeling that night was unlike any other times I had knelt by my Dom. In that particular instance, there was little else to keep me busy. There were no orders to carry out or goals to meet. There was no 'scene' to keep my mind occupied. I was just a sub with his thoughts, in his place at the Dom's feet.  And it was perfect.

Nov 29, 2012

My First MIR, Part 3

After my second experience with Fossil9, I got back to the rubber.  The next day consisted of more time hanging out in the market.  In the evening, I once again found myself at the cocktail hour.  After the hour was over, and people began to funnel into the auditorium for the contest, I again found myself heading for the elevator with other plans.

I was on my way to Touché with Fossil9, Toil, and NateQx.  We weren't there long before I was handcuffed and on my knees.  It wasn't too exciting there, so we decided to head to Jackhammer, where the real party was.  We arrived shortly before the bulk of the crowd arrived, so we hung out on the main level for a few minutes before moving downstairs.  It was only a few minutes later that my hands were cuffed behind my back.  I remained that way for the rest of the evening in the club, with a quick switch to more restrictive hinged cuffs a bit later.

The next day was another at the market.  I spent a good part of the day there until the market closed for the event.  Later that evening, I went to Sidetrack with my good friend Tynan, where the rest of my friends would be spending the evening.  It was showtunes night.  Now showtunes aren't really my thing, and at first, I felt very out of place.  A majority of the tunes were a bit beyond my time, so they were very unfamiliar to me.  I loosened up after a few of those amazing slushies though!

Unfortunately, that was it for MIR.  It was over.  The next morning, I began the long journey home by train, then plane, then automobile.  It was my first MIR, but it won't be my last.  I had an absolute blast.

Thanks to those of you who helped make my MIR trip possible and as amazing as it was!  Love you guys!

Nov 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

Being the first Thanksgiving that this blog has seen, I'd like to take the time to give thanks to those who mean the most to me. Of course, I thank my family and friends, but I want to put out an extra special thanks to a group of people. I would also like to thank you, my readers, for sticking with me and making this blog worth having.  I encourage all of my readers to also get out there and show your love and support for those who have given you a helping hand or shown you something special.

Thanks to those of you who have helped me see what kink truly has to offer. You know who you are. You have transported me, housed me, and taught me. Most of all, you have changed my life for the better. Because of all of you, I've seen incredible things, done unbelievable things, and have grown amazing friendships that I can't imagine living without today. You have made the last year the best of my life. A year ago, I never would have guessed that I would be fortunate enough to experience all of the great things that I have in the past year.

Thank you all for your support, your love, your encouragement, and most of all, your friendship. I love you all!

Nov 20, 2012

My First MIR, Part 2 (113)

Before I knew it, I was in Fossil9's play room.  I was on my knees and blindfolded, feeling the tip of a permanent marker sliding over my chest.  Fossil9 has an inspiring way of controlling a sub.  After my first visit, I gave a very detailed recollection of the entire scene.  In order to preserve Fossil9's methods, I plan on leaving the detail to his discretion from here on.  That said, I will still be posting about my meetings with him and his partner, Toil, when I am fortunate enough to have them.

As you can see below, I got to experience the ultimate in security with the extremely heavy duty steel restraints and collar.  I was also put into my first predicament position, which you can read all about in Fossil9's post on his blog here.  It was absolutely incredible submitting to Fossil9 for my second time and really enjoyed the additional presence of his partner, Toil, this time around!

Enjoy the pictures below.  I will be continuing my posts on my first MIR after the holiday this weekend, so until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 16, 2012

My First MIR, Part 1


It was as simple as that.  I was not attending MIR this year.  Sure, I wanted to go.  I had never been to MIR before, and even though it is a considerably smaller event than IML, my interest in rubber has seen a large growth in the past year.  Alas, not this year. When I learned the reason why my friend, Tynan, had asked about my attendance, I really felt bad about missing it.  It turned out he had been asked to do a breath control demonstration at MIR this year.  He and I have done breath control together in the past and he knows that he is one of the rare few who have been able to excite me while scaring me into the submissive headspace.

Well, it had to change.  And it did.  An hour later I found myself at work frantically trying to find coverage for my shifts for the weekend.  Only a couple days later I was waiting at an empty gate at Tampa International Airport.  I arrived late in the evening when there was nothing going on, so I enjoyed a nice relaxing night.

The next morning was slow.  The market did not open until noon and only an hour later, Tynan and I were scheduled to begin our demonstration.  Arriving at the event for my first time was more or less what I expected.  While small, the atmosphere was comfortable.  Of course, everyone was in rubber, which was AWESOME!  We took a quick walk around to check out the vendors and I met a few new people.  Before long, it was time to begin the demo.  We stepped over the rope and into the demo space.  The market was still relatively quiet as it had only been open for an hour.  I was wearing my blue sleeveless rubber shirt and my pair of new rubber shorts.  We started the demo with a simple rope harness.  That harness quickly evolved into a hogtie.  I was blindfolded and multiple strips of that heavenly material, duct tape, were plastered onto my lower face.  From then on, control of my breathing was given to Tynan.  The demo itself was a blast.  We ran through many forms of breath control using things like gas masks, duct tape, rubber strips, and something new to me: a plastic bag.  After about 40 minutes, the demo was over and it was time for me to be untied.  I know...  :(.

For the record:  Do NOT practice any form of breath control by yourself!  Tynan has written about the dangers in doing so, found here.

Here's a quick shot of the beginning of the demo, courtesy of the official MIR website.  Hopefully I'll have more to share with you soon!

After the demo, we walked around the market a bit more.  Fossil9 arrived with Toil to check it out.  It was their first MIR as well.  After spending a little time chatting and hanging out, we all went our separate ways.  My destination was a shower and some warm clothes.  Later that evening, we arrived back at The Center on Halsted for the cocktail hour. We enjoyed the hour and at it's end, the crowd started to head into the auditorium for the first night of the contest.  I had other plans, though.  I had a date with a prime number...

Nov 10, 2012

Minneapolis in the Fall

At 4 am, only two hours after going to bed, my alarm jolted me awake.  Seven hours later, I was walking in the streets of downtown Minneapolis.  Not long after, the next batch of guests arrived.  Later still, the next group.  Before night, almost everyone had arrived.

The next day, we made our way to a friends dungeon.  He wanted to try a new electro technique, so who was I to disappoint?  Once again, I found myself roped down to the lacing table, but this time, with electro on three different locations of my body.  A gag was strapped on, which was also laced tightly to the table so I couldn't move my head.  Of course, this wasn't enough, so my balls were bound and anchored to the ceiling with bungee cords while clothes pins gripped my nipples.  Later than evening, we all enjoyed dinner together and a fantastic game of cards afterwords.

The next day was going to be exciting for me.  That morning, my ex-boyfriend AlwaysRight, had arrived to begin his search for a place to live in the beautiful city.  He has just accepted a new job there and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him!  While waiting for him to finish up, my friend was having a leather harness made for him.  While waiting for this harness to be made from scratch, he was to be bound and teased… by me :).  Now I'm not much of a Dom… at all, but I do enjoy teasing a hot guy in bondage from time to time ;).  Down in my friends dungeon, he was laced to a bondage chair, where I teased and edged him.  About half way through the making of the harness, AlwaysRight had finished his search for the day and stopped by to begin his vacation with us.  His first steps into this amazing kink family were into a dungeon that he had admired with a hot guy bound.

That night also happened to be Gear Night at the Minneapolis Eagle and Bolt Bar.  Finally, I would be able to attend one of these events!  It was a great excuse to wear my new black rubber shirt and get AlwaysRight into rubber for his first time!

Sunday brought a wonderful brunch with the whole group and a very enjoyable walk around the Mississippi.  Later in the afternoon, AlwaysRight and I were led into the play room, where we were bound together for our first time.

The trip was certainly a memorable one!  As always, I hated leaving Minneapolis.  I love the city and I love my friends there even more.  I can't wait for my next visit!  By the end of the trip, I had pretty ugh decided that MIR in Chicago, only 2 weeks later, would more than likely not be an option for me.  About a week and a half after my return home, I received a query regarding my attendance to MIR...

Nov 7, 2012

A Step Forward!

I'd like to congratulate the four states that have made history in taking the first major step forward towards truly equal rights for all.

Along with those states, I'd like to congratulate, and sincerely thank, my many friends in Minnesota who worked so hard and dedicated so much of their lives to making sure this happened. You guys are heroes in the eyes of millions, and one day, because of your work, in the eyes of billions. Well done, and thank you so much!

On a side note, my first MIR was amazing, and I can't wait to tell you more about it! I have a busy week with a wedding to attend and the birthday of yours truly, so please bear with me!

Oct 31, 2012

So... I'm excited...

I promise, my post about my recent trip to Minneapolis is on the way.  It will be a little delayed though, because of a very last minute trip to...

M  I  R

That's right, thanks to a few friends, I'm going to be able to make it for my first ever Mister International Rubber!  On top of my post about my Minneapolis trip, I'll have a couple of juicy posts about my first MIR!  Until then, keep a close eye on my Twitter feed, as there will certainly be some fun updates there as well!

Thanks to the awesome friends of mine who are helping me make this possible!
I love you guys!

Oct 22, 2012

Thoughts on Chastity

Over the past couple of months, I've begun to contemplate my position on chastity.  Don't worry, I still love it!  What has thrown me for a loop however, is my enjoyment I get out of holding keys.  As this blog has probably made quite clear: I am submissive by nature.  This includes chastity.  I enjoy giving up control to a worthy key holder.

While I consider myself completely submissive, I have been known to switch in the past.  This is largely due to a lack of true Doms in my past.  Without Doms, subs have to improvise.  The show must go on!  But even now, with a number of great guys in my life, many of whom are Doms, I find that I enjoy being on both sides of chastity, even if it means I'm the key holder.  In fact, I have two boys locked as I write this.  But why?  I've found that there's really no one answer to this question.

I believe that one reason can be related to my interest in bondage, but not in the way that chastity is a form of bondage.  Of course, I love to be bound.  But when I'm not in some kind of bondage, I still enjoy seeing someone else in such a situation.  That said, part of why I enjoy holding someone's keys is because I like seeing others enjoy chastity, and I'm happy to help them truly lose that control.

Another reason was given to me by my friend, Fossil9.  He suggested that the key represents something to the sub.  I hadn't thought of this, but I agree completely with the idea.  Just as a lock symbolizes something that is unobtainable, the key to a lock symbolizes control of whatever it is that may or may not be obtained.

Lastly, as much as I hate to say it, I suck at chastity.  I say this because I've found that I'm very good at pulling out of devices.  (And no, I'm not getting a PA).  I really dislike being able to get out of the devices I own.  Unfortunately, it would take a full belt to truly lock me up, which is far beyond my budget.  I also wonder about the possibility of living in a full belt in regards to hygiene, comfort, and safety.

All of that said, whether I'm locked or I have someone else locked, chastity is just a good, frustrating time.  While I'm on the subject, I'd like to give a shout out to the two boys I currently have locked, one of whom has done a very good job as he approaches the 6 month mark of his 14 month sentence.  He will soon be celebrating this by switching his device from the cb6000 to the shorter cb6000s.  Wish him luck!

Oct 16, 2012


Once upon a time, a young kinkster finally got the opportunity to push himself into the world of kink. That kinkster was me. Just over a year later, the cycle has come full circle. This past weekend, I was able to be on the other side of things and help welcome a new kinkster into the community, who was once in my shoes. I'm happy to say that this new guy was none other than my boyfriend.

A while back, I posted about him leaving town to pursue the next chapter in his life. You can read about that here.  As much as I hated the fact that he was leaving, I was happy for him and supported his decision to start the rest of his life.  He moved away for work, but recently accepted a new job in a new city.  Imagine my excitement when he told me that city was Minneapolis!  I was thrilled to finally introduce him to my friends whom he had heard so much about.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to all of you guys for making him feel so welcome and like a part of the family!  It means so much to both of us!  And a personal special shout out to him:

Welcome to the family!  I love you!

More on the weekend in Minneapolis coming soon!

Oct 7, 2012

Year One

I was excited.  I hopped in my car and started driving towards an adventure that I never could have expected. It was an adventure that I could have only dreamed of. The two hour drive to my friends house was uneventful.  In fact I arrived early, so I had to kill some time in his driveway while I waited for him to return home from work.  The weather was nice, but a storm darkened the distant sky.  After he returned home and packed for the weekend, we headed out.  By that time, a light rain and started.  By the time we hit the interstate, the winds had picked up and the rain was dumping.  This is when the excitement began to mix with a little nervousness. We came across an unexpected toll, which delayed us slightly because neither of us had change.  The rain was still coming down, but it was much lighter.  The heavy rain had been replaced by much stronger winds.  We found the place without too much trouble and parked downstairs.  We quickly got out and gathered our belongings to run for shelter in the covered stairwell.  Without hesitation, we began to climb the stairs, to be met half way up by a small group of guys.  We had arrived at Palm Coast, knowing we were in for an amazing weekend, but not knowing the impact that weekend would have on our lives.

That was exactly one year ago today.

The weekend that followed, described here, was the beginning of several friendships, which in turn, would lead to more friendships and the most amazing experiences of my life.  And it all started one rainy evening in October.

Since then, with the support and encouragement of my kinky family, I've broken out of my shell and travelled cities I could once only dream about visiting.  I've made friendships that I could once only dream about having.  I write this post as a thank you to those who were there that weekend as well as all of those who have shown such incredible love and hospitality to me as I began my journey deeper into this community.

Thank you all so much!  I'll see you in a few days in Minneapolis ;)

Sep 28, 2012

Some New Stuff

So I've decided to give Twitter a try!  Follow me on Twitter here or the link above.

On that note, after attempting to add the link above to Twitter, I discovered that links to my other online real estates have not been working.  If anyone has had problems with this, I apologize.  It seems saving the arrangement automatically replaced the link information with a little useless code, rendering the links useless.  I've corrected the issue, so it should be working again.

Thanks for sticking with me!  I'm hoping that Twitter will be a great way to keep you informed and entertained more regularly between my larger blog posts.  And something a little more exciting:  In less than two weeks, I'm off to Minneapolis to see all of my great friends from around the country.  I'm really excited and can't wait to get away from what's been a rather stressful period.

Sep 19, 2012

Light at the End of the Tunnel

First, I apologize for my absence lately.  I'm happy to say that this low point in my kink life has an end, and it’s in sight!  In three weeks, I'm wheels up for a trip back to Minneapolis to see my good friends from around the country.  I'm so excited to get out of this state again, especially after the beginning of the semester, the RNC hubbub, and even a tropical storm to keep things interesting.

If I'm lucky and can afford it, I'll be able to get to Chicago only a couple of weeks later for my first MIR.  Fingers crossed!

But until then, I have to say that it's just great to have another trip to look forward to.  There should be some good stuff to read here soon enough!

Sep 4, 2012

Break from the Break

Again, I apologize for my lack of posting recently, but I have good news!  I have some pictures for you guys!  Check out my post "A Night of Bondage", to see the update with new pictures from that evenings events.

Well, I finally got a great evening of bondage in and effectively took a break from my break.  You know it's been a great night when you arrive home at nearly three in the morning and discover that you have 'hood hair'.  I was invited to a little get together for the holiday weekend by my friend mentioned in the linked post above.  I had a great night and enjoyed a number of excellent bondage positions.  I started in a bondage chair and some electro.  While bound to the chair, I was pushed aside to make room for another guy who had just arrived.  From there, I was moved to the bondage table and while being strapped down, was introduced to another guy who had just arrived.  Little did I know that he would be the one to push my limits with electro further than ever before.  For those who don't know, pain isn't my thing.  I'll admit, a nice pair of nipple clamps or electro cranked up just a little beyond 'comfortable' can be a great time, but much more than that and I'm usually not having fun.  Even though the electro session I had on that table was the most intense and painful of my life, I still enjoyed it, but consider my cravings for pain for the evening fulfilled.

After a quick water break, I was put into the bondage surf suit that I had spent the night in during my previous visit.  I was led to a sling and given a run with a venus milking machine before being released to cool down.  Before I was bound again, I was introduced to yet another guy who had just arrived.  Just like last time, a hogtie in cold steel was an excellent way to cool off, then it was out to a standing cage to watch the other guys enjoy themselves.  After I was removed from the standing cage, my cage time wasn't over.  I was ordered onto all fours and led into a cage.  After some teasing, I was wrapped yet again into a wonderful mummification, this time with a gas mask.

By the end of the night, I had made several new friends and had an amazing time.

Aug 26, 2012


I apologize for my lack of posts recently.  The sad truth is, there hasn't been anything for me to post.  My job has been more stressful than it ever has before and my kink life is currently in a low point.  Of course, as you've read, I recently purchased a couple of new toys for myself.  One of those toys was a gas mask.

I have only recently gotten more acquainted with gas masks.  In fact, before this past year I had only been in the most basic of gas masks, the Russian GP-5 gas mask.  While a gas mask can help with the obvious task of breath control, it has some other perks.  One of those perks is the ability to help separate the sub from the outside world and keep him in his own.  To truly complete the effect, it helps to block eye site.  Well that can be an annoying task with a gas mask.  There are some options that are easy, like covering the eyes with a bandana, which isn't the most attractive option, or covering the lenses with tape, which makes returning eye site and taking it away again much more difficult.  For these reasons, I came up with my own solution.

I cut out a circular piece of card stock with a cut from the outer edge to the center.  Rolling the circular sheet into a shallow cone gives it a slight spring-like quality, which holds it in place inside the recess of the lens.  After I tested the concept, tweaked it a little, and found that it worked, I just needed to find a more durable material that was still thin enough to work.  A simple 50¢ pocket folder, courtesy of just about any store that sells school supplies, was perfect.  Here are the results:

Aug 11, 2012

New Steel :)

So I finally have a worthwhile chastity device!  Meet my new Steelworxx Crossfire!  It even has a removable urethral insert!  Thanks to my friend Qosh for the help!

Aug 10, 2012

New Rubber :)

I've recently acquired a couple new rubber items.  The gas mask got its first real use last night.  I can't wait to spend some quality time in my new rubber shirt.  Maybe my first MIR is on the horizon? ;)

Aug 3, 2012

Kink & Company: The True Joy

As I dive deeper into this world, I'm beginning to realize exactly how big a part of me my kink interests really are.  So much, in fact, that I consider it less of a set of my kink interests, and more of my ’kink life’.

There has undoubtedly been a change in who I am over the last year.  In those months, I've seen the five largest kink experiences of my life; all of which have been surprisingly revealing to me. With every trip I take, I not only learn more about the community and the lifestyle, but about myself as well.  Sure, I've learned a lot about my submissive side, as well as discovering new interests and kinks, but there's so much more than that.  My dive into the kink world has revealed to me a lot about who I am.

Even though my kinky life is kept separate from my "vanilla" social life, I've come to the realization that my kinky life is the stronger of the two.  With my kink interests being such a large part of me, I've found that my relationships with my kinky friends are stronger than those of many of my "vanilla" friends.  Having such a big part of me in common with my kinky friends, it makes sense that this is the case.  I'm also learning that the more I get to know these amazing guys, the more our common interests strengthen our relationships outside of the kink community.  These guys are so much more than just kinky friends that I play with... They're my true friends.  A kinky family, if you will.  I think back on my recent trips and see that they have been the best times of my life, not because of the kink, but because of the company.  And that, my readers, is why it's so hard to leave after my time with them.  It's the true joy behind the kink.

Jul 25, 2012

Just Some Blog Stuff...

Here's just some stuff to keep you updated.  I've decided to switch things up a bit and try to change the background image of my blog every now and then.  I haven't mentioned it yet, but I drew the image that was in my background.  Since I enjoy drawing, I'll continue to draw images for the background in my spare time.  For my regular readers, I'm sure you've noticed a few tweaks recently, but I think I've just about found the right set up for my blog.  Now that the new background image is up, here's the old one and the new one in there original state (not darkened for easier reading).

Jul 18, 2012


Well I've got a treat for you guys tonight!  As you've probably read here, during my time in Minneapolis for Twin Cities Pride, I finally got the opportunity to get tied up by Bicycler.  His rope work is absolutely beautiful!  He also makes some of his own leather gear, which I also got to try out and model!  I promised pictures as soon as I got them.  Well, I got them tonight!  Enjoy!

Jul 15, 2012

A Night of Bondage

I recently had the chance to finally meet a guy for some bondage that I first started chatting with over five years ago.  I have to say, it was well worth the wait!  In fact, the experience proved to me that there is life down here in the sunshine state!  I arrived at his home and after a brief chat, was given the grand tour of the play space.  The space was far beyond anything I had ever seen here in Florida.  I had an amazing time trying out a lot (but only a small fraction) of the bondage gear and furniture at our disposal.  In fact, it was quite the tour of gear.

We started simply enough with a bondage table.  After being strapped down to it, I was subjected to a little bit of electro. After a little teasing, I was removed from the table and lead to a heavy wooden frame.  The frame extended from the floor on both sides of me, then above my head.  My arms and legs were spread to each corner as I stood in the middle of this frame. During this process, I was blind.  The next thing I felt was rope being wrapped around my body.  After the rope harness was complete, it was meticulously tied to eye bolts in the frame surrounding me, until my body was held rigid in a web of rope. Electro continued where it left off, along with the teasing.  Eventually, it was time to move on to the next of many positions of my time there.  I was lead out of the playroom to a room with a little more empty floor space for some quality time in a vac rack.  Of course, most of the time, the amazingness of a vac rack can only be enjoyed for shorter periods of time, as the vacuum overheats.  I was lucky enough to enjoy two bouts of different positions inside the wonderfully encompassing rubber sheets.

After a quick water break, it was back to the play room where I was promptly secured into a leather sleepsack on a bench. The bench had a purpose.  After being laced tightly into the sleepsack, rope was strung through the many D-rings to the same frame that I was secured to before.  The bench was removed, leaving me in a very restrictive hammock.  After being tightly encased in the leather for a while, it was time my body got some fresh air, so I was released and again lead to more open floor space.  It was time for some cold steel.  A steel collar was placed around my neck just before my wrists were surrounded my rigid steel restraints.  Steel cuffs were added to my ankles and my wrists were chained to my collar.  To put the cherry on top, my ankles were drawn up and chained to my wrists to complete the strict hogtie.  What a great way to cool down!  I was gagged and blindfolded, of course :P.

It was again time for a water break before the next position.  Having cooled down, we were up for a little more encasement, and returned to the play space for a good mummification.  This was a different mummification than any I had enjoyed in the past.  For starters, tape did not play as large of a role in the wrapping as your typical duct tape mummification.  I was primarily only wrapped in plastic wrap with only a few long strips strategically placed.  That careful placement helped to drastically reduce the amount that I was able to twist and bend when the wrapping was complete.  Other than that, the only tape that was used was to wrap my head. After some teasing and some breath play, I was finally allowed to get off.  Before being unwrapped, I was asked if I'd like to spend a little more time wrapped. I mmmmphed back as best I could that another 30 minutes wrapped would be great.  Before I knew it, I dozed off.  I woke up still wrapped and heard no activity around me. It was late at night, so my first thought was that my captor had fallen asleep at my side while waiting for the 30 minutes to end.  Realizing that I may be stuck in this mummification until morning, or whenever my friend awoke, I started to struggle. It's quite intense knowing that there's no release coming soon.  To my relief however, my struggles elicited a response from my friend.  Having no idea how long I had slept, but believing it had been more than the 30 minutes I requested, I thought it was time for release.  I was wrong.  The only words out of my captors mouth as i struggled to escape were, "relax, time's not up yet".  Wow!  I sealed my fate when I requested my time.  Even my struggles for freedom didn't convince him to release me. It was awesome!  Truly stuck.

Having gotten off, it was time for bed, so I was released from the wrappings and I was led to the bedroom where a few bed-time options were laid out.  There was a rubber sleepsack, leather sleepsack, and neoprene sleepsack to choose from. Having spend significant amounts of time in both leather and rubber sleepsacks in the past, I chose the neoprene sleepsack.  I was impressed with the comfort of the material, but soon found the sleepsack to be a little too short for me.  We were both still wide awake and unable to sleep, and seeing how my feet were beginning to get sore from being crammed in the bottom of the sack, we decided on new sleeping arrangements.  Out came the rubber bondage surf suit.  For those of you who aren't quite sure what that is, it's basically a rubber straight jacket without sleeves and with connected shorts.  A belt at the waist prevents wandering hands from getting into trouble.  The addition of a perforated leather hood, beautifully crafted by none other than my captor, completed my sleeping arrangements.

The next morning, we awoke rather early and had some time before I had to leave.  Why not have a little fun?  I was released from the bondage surf suit and placed into a very well lubed rubber hog sack.  The sack included a built in hood with nothing but a breathing tube.  Ah, there's nothing like rubber encasement in the morning!  After having a little more fun, I was released and allowed to shower off the lube that coated every inch of my being.

I should have some pictures coming soon for you.  I had an incredible time and hope to visit again soon. Maybe spend the night in a cage or strapped down to the bondage table...  Hey, a kinkster can dream, can’t he?

Jul 10, 2012

Twin Cities Leather!

I'm very excited for a few friends, particularly Tynan and Puptrigger, for a new initiative that they've taken upon themselves to take their local leather and kink community to the next level. With the loss of the only store in the Minneapolis area to sell leather, a plan was hatched to correct this. That plan has begun to take shape and materialize. Twin Cities Pride was the official starting point of this endeavor, and I'm happy to help them out by introducing you all to! Much of their weekend at pride was spent launching this project and handing out stickers at pride events to spread the word. This is far more than just a leather shop though!

Twin Cities Leather is being partnered with Tynanfox Speaking and local leather events and contests. The result will be a tremendous increase in awareness, pride, and community involvement. I'm extremely proud of my friends for taking on this challenge and very excited for what it will bring to us all in the future!

This is a movement that will do more than just bring awareness to the twin cities area. With Tynanfox Speaking ramping up, people all over the country will learn more about leather, rubber, and other assorted kinks and fetishes. With this, comes an increase of comfort and acceptance from the 'vanilla' world. It will also help those like us gain the inspiration needed to take that first step into the world that I write about here. This is very important work and your support is needed! Please check them out at and like them on Facebook! Best of luck to Tynan, Trigger, and all others involved!

Jul 6, 2012

Pride in the Twin Cities!

Well, I'm back from my first ever pride! As always, I'm very sad that the trip is over, but what a trip it was! Once again, I had a few amazing first time experiences and enjoyed some really great quality time with my amazing friends up there.

We kicked off the weekend early with a Thursday flight into Minneapolis. We enjoyed a nice dinner before heading out for a great night at The Saloon. At one point, I received a text message from my good friend Tynan, telling me to come to the back section of the bar. When I got there, I was immediately distracted by a greeting from my new friend Bicycler. After getting a quick drink, I headed over in Tynan’s direction. We said hi before I was introduced to Dan Savage himself! We enjoyed the rest of our evening out before heading home.

The next morning, we all slept in a little. To kill some time before everyone else around the city managed to drag themselves out of bed, we ran around town to a few shops. When we got tired of that, we returned to the home of our gracious host Mplsguy and helped enhance his bondage lattice. After a bit of measuring, cutting, and construction, the structure was in top shape for a suspension! Little did I know that I would be the first guinea pig to test that concept. After dinner, we were visited by Bicycler for a little play. An hour later, I found myself in the most intricate rope work I've ever had the pleasure of being wrapped in. Moments after that, I found that rope work supporting my full body weight, as I hung from the rafters of the lattice we had worked on earlier that day. I have been meaning to meet up with Bicycler for a while now, and he did an absolutely amazing job!

We enjoyed our first true pride related activities on Saturday morning with a walk around the park. I met a few new people and made a couple new friends. It was really great to see the number of local and large businesses with tents and booths at the park showing their support for the community. After a trip around the park, everyone gathered at B1point5’s place for a good time. We all spent time in the basement just enjoying each others company. Eventually, the action began when I was selected to be tied to the same chair I was tied to after IML. By the time I was untied, the rest of the group that had been invited over had arrived and were either watching me, taking part in their own play, or socializing. Shortly after that, a fantastic meal was ready, and we all enjoyed it out back in the yard and on the patio. After dinner we all ended up back at The Saloon, which had extended its reach into the city streets to accommodate the additional guests for the weekend. Rather than staying late, we returned home and enjoyed drinks and discussion on the balcony. I had an early morning the next day.

I had been invited to join my friend Tynan and others in what would be a great experience. I planned on arriving downtown just after 10 am on Sunday, wearing my new rubber shirt, to help carry the leather pride flag during the parade! This was an extremely moving experience! Of course, at the same time, I was very nervous. The first time I wore rubber, I was surrounded by a couple hundred people and I was not part of the focus of attention. The second time I wore rubber, I was surrounded by a couple thousand people and again was not part of the focus of attention. This time, however, I was marching down the street in the middle of the day, surrounded by at least tens of thousands of people, all watching us. As we left the staging area and began to march towards the parade route, my nervousness grew. What I experienced after crossing that threshold shocked me and moved me. Support! As our flag approached the crowds of people, an impressive roar of applause and cheers greeted us. This was without a doubt the most thrilling and exciting part of my entire weekend. I almost felt famous! People were waving, yelling, cheering, clapping, and even reaching out into the street for high-fives! It seemed like every tenth person was snapping pictures with either their phones or cameras. While the attention was incredible, it wasn't what really shook me. I was most moved by the overwhelming turn out. The crowd did not just consist of the local GLBT community. Almost A third of the crowd appeared to be your average joe, including groups of friends and even families with their children, all out to help support our cause, and all excited to see a group of about 30 leather and rubber clad men and women show their pride and their passion to the world. During the entire march, people showed their support by tossing money into the flag as we walked by. After finishing the parade, we gathered around the flag for a group shot for Lavender Magazine, then helped fold the flag. Despite the heat, made worse by the rubber, I was met by a couple of friends and we walked up the sidewalk while watching some of the remaining parade. We eventually headed back home for a much needed shower.

We decided to lounge about for a while and order a pizza for lunch. Tynan stayed behind at the park to help spread the word of his new project, which you will hear about from me soon. When he finished, he came over, still in his rubber (poor guy), he took a shower and we had a little fun. He tied my hands behind my back and wrapped my head with a long roll of rubber about six inches wide then sat me down against the bondage lattice. Clothes pins were added and more of the strict breath control that I love from him ensued. After we finished, he headed out for a meeting while we planned our dinner. After a nice dinner in, we decided that we wanted to go out again for a short while. We decided on attending the block party at The Saloon, but arrived to find the cover a little high for the small amount of time we planned to be there. Instead, we headed over to the Minneapolis Eagle and enjoyed a more leisurely night out. We made our way home and again enjoyed drinks on the patio with light discussion.

After this experience, I ask that you all go out and support your local pride events as well as the community as a whole. Thanks to everyone, particularly Tynan and Mplsguy for making this weekend possible for me and oh so special!

I'll post some pictures as soon as I get my hands on them!

Happy Pride, everyone!

Jul 3, 2012


Intimidation in a scene is a new concept to me.  In fact, I've never been intimidated by the Dom I was with until I met Fossil9 (recon/blog) for the first time.  I want to dedicate this post to breaking down 'intimidation' and discussing what causes it, as well as the dynamic that it creates in a scene or in a relationship between a Dom and a sub.  As you have probably read, my experience with Fossil9 was the most submissive state I had ever been in.  I believe that a large part of this can be attributed to the simple fact that he intimidated me.  Because of this, I will use my experience with him as my primary example bank.

Why did he intimidate me? I had chatted with him online for months and found him to be an exceptionally friendly guy. That friendliness was confirmed when I met him in person for the first time in the lobby at IML.  For some reason, however, he still intimidated me.  I'll admit that part of the intimidation factor came from knowing his stature in the community.  As a well known and well respected Dom, you know he's experienced and knows what he's doing.  From my experience with him, I've found that this intimidation is a mix of respect, confidence, fear, and mystery.  Before I explain in more detail, I'll tell you that the word 'intimidating' does not always have the negative connotation that most people assign to it.

Part of the reason he intimidated me was because of the respect that I had for him and his methods.  This is an aspect of intimidation that you may not find in a newer or less experienced Dom, or even a Dom without a strong reputation to back him up.  In this case, however, the reputation held a great deal of power.  Having seen pictures, read stories, and heard first hand accounts of experiences with Fossil9, I certainly had a respect for what he did.  Respect for the Dom you're with is absolutely important.  Personally, I only play with people I can respect, both Doms and subs alike.  Respect for your Dom is as important as your trust in your Dom.  In fact, I'll even say they go hand in hand.  I don't know how you could trust someone that do not respect.  Along with that respect comes the Doms confidence in his own abilities.  When a Dom knows what he's doing, the sub knows it as well.

Before Flyboy and I met Fossil9, we had a short walk from the restaurant we were at for dinner to the lobby of the hotel.  The five minutes of that walk saw an increasing level of nervousness and anxiety in me.  This leads to fear.  Of course this is not a fear of what will happen to you.  I knew before I met him that I'd be in safe hands and no harm would come to me, but I feared how I would handle the situation.  The typical questions of meeting a new person run through your head, but were greater in number to encompass the kink related fields.

"Will he like me?".  “What if I mess up?”.  “What if I don't follow an order precisely?”.  “What if he orders me to do something that I don't enjoy?”.  “What if his style really isn't for me?”.

For some of these questions, it only takes the first meeting to have them answered forever, but for others, you may find them ringing in your head again the very next time you meet.  Sometimes it's hard to realize that your own trust in the Dom answers many of the questions for you.

I have never thought about it until now, but part of his intimidating nature came from me.  Having never reached such a level of submission, I wondered how a guy I've never met would be able to take full control of my mind and body in ways that I didn't even know.  This is part of why I believe that a sense of mystery is a trait of an intimidating Dom.  With Fossil9, I found that his methods were very thought out.  After my session with him, I learned that every little thing he does has a purpose, even if you don't notice it during the scene.  Also in Fossil9's case, the question arises as to what he's thinking. This holds true for all Doms who typically remain silent in a session unless giving commands or orders.  When your vision is taken away from you and you know the Dom is there, but not making any noise, you can't help but rack your brain over what may be coming next.  Even during our casual conversations in the lobby at IML, there always seemed to be a short silence from him before a command was given, as HE planned YOUR next move.  There is certainly an intimidating aspect to knowing that even in a public setting as equals, he has control.

All of that said, in almost any relationship between a person and his superior, be it an employee and his employer, a student and his professor, or a sub and his Dom, there is a certain level of intimidation.  In addition to the intimidation concepts that I have described above, there are also the general, more simple reasons that someone may be intimated by someone else.  A persons intelligence, physical appearance, and experience are all common intimidating features. All of these features can combine in one form or another to create or enhance submission.  In my experience with Fossil9, I found that intimidation was a key part of my increased submissive behavior for that evening.  But fear not.  Intimidation is not a necessity for a good time, but (at least for me) it can certainly make for an amazing experience!

Please be sure to check out Fossil9's views on this subject here!

Busy Busy

Sorry for my delay in posting. With my summer semester and my profile name change, I’ve been busy. The name change has also led to me switching from WordPress to blogger to host my blog. When I’ve finished migrating my posts over to blogger, I will post a link to the new blog. I promise, I’ll be posting soon!


I’ve been toying with the idea of a profile name change recently that would give me a name that does not constrain me to Florida.  During a discussion with Tynan, he suggested a name that I found perfect!


Not only does the name imply that bondage is my first and strongest kink, but it leaves the rest open for my long list of other various kinks and fetishes.  Starting soon, the location of this blog will be changing.  These changes will be reflected on my recon page.  Thanks guys!

I have a few posts coming your way soon, so stay posted!!!

Twin Cities Pride!

Well I’m sorry guys, but you won’t hear from me for a few days.  It could be as much as a week.
Of course this is because I’ll be back in Minneapolis for Twin Cities Pride!
I’m really excited to get back together with all of my friends for this important event!
Not only do I get to see everyone again, I get to have my first ever Pride experience!
I’ll return with more stories, experiences, and pictures for you all!
If it’s Pride in your city, I urge you to get out there, have fun, and support your community!


IML was an absolutely amazing experience.  It was incredible to spend time with friends and make new ones in an environment that is so open and welcoming to new kinksters.  While I had a lot of fun with the activities of IML, I feel that the most important part of the weekend, at least for me, was what I learned.  IML was very much a learning experience for me, teaching me things about the community, my friends, and most importantly, myself.

One of the most amazing feelings that one can have is that of acceptance.  There was no shortage of this at IML.  I still catch myself thinking about how awesome it was to walk through that hotel lobby or the leather market in whatever outfit you chose without the fear of being ridiculed by the surrounding population.  Everyone is accepted as part of the community, whether they are well known veterans or, like myself, newbies trying to figure out their place in it all.

I believe that I’ve found my place, which you will read soon…

The person I was when I walked into IML was a completely different person from the one that walked out.  I discovered a lot about myself in those 3 days.  Much of what I learned about myself revolved around my kinks and fetishes.  I will start by using you, the audience, as an example.  Before I made my way to Chicago, I chatted with Fossil9 online.  One of the things that we discussed was that of public display of submission.  At one point, he asked if I had any interest in kneeling by his side, as his sub, while he conversed and socialized at a bar with friends.  At the time, the idea really got me excited, but quite frankly scared the hell out of me.  Be submissive… in public???  I told him that I may be interested, but we’ll have to see how things go.  Understand of course that in this case, the term “public” is used to mean “general gay and kinky public”, as this was the only surrounding population in the hotel.  Now, after IML is over, I look back and wish that I had done more public submission.  After having many experiences as such, I’ve found that I enjoy submitting or being bound in a kinky public setting.

As you may have already read, my interest in pup play has slowly and steadily been increasing.  I think that part of it is because it seems so popular in the community, while the rest is because I like what I see.  I still have a long way to go, but I noticed a brief spike in the rate that my interest is rising.  I suppose that seeing it first hand taught me a few things that I hadn’t noticed previously.  It will still be some time before my interest in pup play is strong enough to actually call it an interest of mine.  I believe that I will probably require a solid push to make the jump, but until then, I’ve uncovered a few things about it that have already taken a strong hold in my list of interests.

There are many aspects of pup play, most of which are still very foreign to me.  As difficult of a time that I have trying to wrap my head around this particular kink, there are parts of it that I crave.  One of the strongest cravings is that of the simple tussle of the hair or pet on the head.  There’s something about this simple action that just feels so right.  It’s both rewarding and reassuring.  As a sub, it comforts me and tells me how much the Dom really cares.  At the same time, it affirms my position as a sub, helping to sever my connection to my non-submissive ‘regular’ self.  I never would have thought that something so simple could be so powerful.

IML presented a lot of firsts for me, and not only in terms of new gear or activities to try.  For the first time, I saw my true submissive side.  For the first time, I wanted to submit to please the Dom.  Submission has taken on a new meaning to me. It’s real meaning.  To submit, not because it’s what I want to do, but because it’s who I am.  It shows trust in the Dom, long with numerous other things, like friendship and understanding for each other.  This new concept was later confirmed during a conversation between myself, Fossil9, and Tynan.  Tynan spoke about the differences between five types of people:  the sub that gradually becomes dominant, the Dom that gradually becomes submissive, the true 50/50 versatile, the true Dom, and the true sub.  During this conversation, I was tagged as a true sub.  This brought on a sudden realization of who I truly am, and helped to consolidate all of my small submissive moments of the trip into a big picture.  This confirmation of my nature was oddly comforting for me.  I discovered myself at IML.

Lastly, I’d like to send out a HUGE thanks all of the people who helped me discover these things about myself and the community!  There are way too many of you to mention here, but you all know who you are.

IML Trip, Days 8, 9, & 10

Day 8, Monday, was extremely difficult. Our time at IML was up. We planned to leave the hotel around 9 am. This time, the drive included only Mplsguy and myself. We spent the next six hours talking about our experiences during the weekend and the amazing times we had, both together and out on our own or with others. It was great to think about all of the new things I tried, but more importantly, all of the new friends that I had made in the process. When we arrived in Minneapolis, we were both drained, but at least for me, my body wanted to keep the pace that it had gotten used to over the previous 3 days. After a failed attempt to find some play in Minneapolis, we ended up resting and recharging. The good news, however, was that I lined up some play for the next day with my friend B1point5, while Mplsguy was bust at work.

Day 9, Tuesday, had a slow start. My appointment with B1point5 was for the early afternoon, so I had the morning to kill. I slept in a little before getting out of bed and being overwhelmed by boredom. I suppose that should have been expected though. After 3 lengthy days of fast pace action, a sudden lack of anything to do is a bit of a shock. I entertained myself by taking a nice walk. By the time I got back and showered, I had a text message from B1point5 saying that he was free early and ready when I was :) . We got to his place, had a drink, chatted a bit, and got started. I was bound once again to the lacing table and was quickly reminded of just how amazing the feeling of losing the ability to move at all really was. Electro, breath play, poppers, and other various tortures ensued. I also got to try something new, called “cupping”. This is a practice used as a massage therapy and for other various reasons that involves using a flame to use up the air in a small glass cup before applying the cup to the skin. Since the oxygen in the cup has been used up by the flame, suction is created. The cups are, of course, quite hot when they are first applied to the skin, adding a bit more sensation to the suction. All in all, it was a fantastic experience which was perfect for my post-IML woes.

From there, I was moved to a newly built bondage chair, which could almost be described more as a lacing chair. Electro was added again, but this time, the juice was cranked up. This time, pads were used with the electro, along with a plug. At one point, the electro was turned up enough for me to lose all control of my right leg. All my leg wanted to do was extend, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep it from doing so. If the lacing was not there, I would have kicked something over. It was the first time that my muscles have ever done something that my brain did not command them to do, so it was certainly an interesting experience. And of course, great fun!

Later that evening, after a very nice dinner with Mplsguy, another new friend from the area stopped by for some play. I had been talking with him for most of the day, at least when my hands were able to move. I was tied in a standing position to the frame, but only minutes later, my body had simply had enough. I began to get lightheaded and immediately asked to be let down. The events of both IML and the days before it had caught up with me. After a glass of water, I was feeling good enough to continue… laying down this time ;) . We played with a Venus milking machine a bit and had a great time.

Day 10, Wednesday, was it. The end. My journey home. Mplsguy was headed to work downtown, so we took the bus together then went our separate ways from there. I took the light rail to the airport while he walked the rest of the way to work. While waiting for the train on my own, the first tears began to flow. Getting on that train signified the end of what life should be. Amazing places, incredible events, excellent fun, and the absolute best of friends. I was leaving it all behind to go home and work my mundane job while making my way through school. Leaving was the hardest thing I had to do on that trip, and ranks pretty high on the list of hard things that I’ve done in my life. I would have some things to work out after arriving home, but as you’ve already read, they worked out great. We eventually solidified plans to return for Twin Cities Pride in only a few short weeks. Well, long weeks… I would have a lot of writing to do, but I was excited to do it. Now that my IML coverage is complete, you can expect a post regarding my discoveries about the community and myself before I leave for pride in four days.

IML Trip, Day 7

Day 7, Sunday, was a ’hit the ground running’ day. Flyboy and I were both up early for a 10am appointment with Mstrb. After greetings and a short conversation, we got started.  After being blindfolded and gagged, I was put into a rope harness and my hands were bound behind me.  After a little teasing, I was locked into a stockade, while listening to actions unknown from behind me.  After a short while and a little more teasing, I was released from the stockade and a heavy metal collar was locked around my neck.  I was then walked forward to the location of a large box.  I remained blindfolded as I was guided into the box.  Moments later, the two doors were closed around my collared neck and bolted into place.  After the clinking and rattling of chains, I heard Mstrb say something about exhibitionism.  Seconds later I was being wheeled in what I could tell was the direction of the door.  I was going for a ride.  We started down the hallway where we confronted our first audience.  The cleaning staff’s trolley was just a little too large for the box to squeeze around it in the cramped hotel hallways.  After some shuffling and apologies from the staff, we were ready to go.  Of course, the staff members wanted pictures first, so we happily allowed them.  We continued from there to the elevator which we took to the first floor lobby.  We then made our way through the lobby to another elevator that would take us down to the level that hosted the market.  Even blindfolded, it was not difficult to tell that we got a lot of attention.  There were a great deal of pictures snapped.  At one point, we stopped by the Recon booth, as they were taking profile pictures that day for members, and got a group shot of the box and it’s entourage.  We also stopped by the booth for the new ‘Mister’ iPhone app, where Flyboy and myself (and the box of course) were photographed.  Right after that picture, I requested that my blindfold be removed because I wanted to see people’s reactions to the spectacle.  We hit every isle of the market at least once before making our way back up to Mstrb’s room.

After our play that morning, it was just about time for my 2 pm appointment with yngmstrdetroit.  I was very excited to play with him, as I have admired his work for quite some time.  15 minutes after my arrival, I found myself mummified in vet wrap with a gas mask on my face, an electro plug in my ass, poppers being inhaled when my air supply wasn’t cut off, and a Venus milking machine being prepped to work me over.  What a time!!! The mummification alone was unlike any mummification I had ever been in.  The vet wrap held tight, but still managed to be comfortable.  I was able to be mummified without any kind of padding between my ankles, which is usually a necessity.  Another great thing about the wrap was how quick it was.  Without needing a layer of protective plastic wrap underneath it, the entire wrapping took only minutes.  I will definitely experiment with this material in the future.  But don’t worry guys… Duct tape is still an awesome material in which the smell alone gets me excited!

After my appointment ended, I headed back to the room for a quick shower before heading back down to the market for my last chance to see it.  Mplsguy and I walked around for the remaining hour that it was open that day, as we would not be around to see it the next morning.  I decided last minute that I wanted to purchase the Mr. S Neoprene Blindfold while I still had the chance.  After making my purchase, we took our time walking towards the exit.  It was hard to leave, knowing that it will be almost another year before I got to see such a marvelous site again.

It was still mid afternoon, so we stopped in the lobby to chat with Fossil9 for a while, where we were also happy to meet Kinkyboinick and Cuffsman10.  None of us had dinner plans, so we all decided to head out together, along with colobondage28boy (Do Not Feed Pigeons ;) ).  After a nice dinner, we headed back to the hotel.  I went off to try something new, which you guys don’t get to hear about… Sorry.  After that, I headed to the lobby and spent some time with a group of friends. Eventually, that group broke apart and headed in different directions, but Fossil9 and I remained.  We moved from the middle of the crowd to it’s outskirts and continued a great conversation.  We were eventually joined by Tynan, and a conversation about submission and domination began.  The entire conversation, both before and after Tynan arrived, was very insightful and opened my eyes to a couple new ideas and concepts.  We ended the night with a difficult goodbye, before heading up to bed at about 3 am.  Have you ever wanted to sleep, but not wanted to sleep at the same time?  It’s annoying.  Anyway, the next morning was going to be rather early, and the day; long.  My last full day at my first IML was complete, and the emotions were starting to hit already.

IML Trip, Day 6

Day 6, Saturday, began a little later than the previous day. Mplsguy and I took a quick trip to the lobby to grab a small breakfast to take back up to the room. After breakfast, we went for a short walk around the city, this time avoiding landmarks and simply getting some fresh air. When we returned, our first stop was the market.

We walked around for a while, but for this trip to the market, I was on a mission. I had my heart set on picking up a neoprene sensory hood from the Mr. S Leather booth. And that’s exactly what I did. Mission complete, we headed back up to the room briefly to drop our purchases off. I still had one more mission to complete in the market, however. I headed back down, on my own this time. I should mention that at IML, you never walk somewhere completely by yourself. It seems that every turn, or around every corner, you run into someone that you know and stop short to catch up really quick. After stopping for a rather long period of time at the entrance to the market to hang out with a large group of friends who had gathered there, I continued on my mission. Long before I arrived in Chicago, I told myself that I would not leave IML until I had purchased my very own rubber shirt. My first rubber shirt. My first rubber anything for that matter. I stopped by the TLS Rubber booth and began to look around. Based on my experience with Tynan’s beautiful copper shirt in Denver, I was reasonably certain that I wanted to purchase a sleeveless shirt. The staff at the booth was very helpful as I tried on a blue sleeveless shirt. I loved it! I decided that I wanted it to be mine and purchased it and headed back up to the room with it still on.

After returning to the room, I made plans to head over to the room of my new friends Cdnbondcouple. While there, we discussed rubber and other various fetishes and kinks. We were also visited by yet another new friend of mine, MightyOsiris. Eventually, I had to run back up to my room to change, as our room had made plans to go out to dinner in Boys Town.

After the best macaroni and cheese of my life, we headed back to the hotel to check out “Woof Camp”. Now, I’m not a pup. Until recently, pup play has never interested me, but I have to say that an interest is starting to take hold. While I feel that I still need a strong push into the world of pup play, I was curious to see what it was all about. I had a good time watching and learning, and got to see a friend I had made over a year ago while he was visiting Florida.

As with all nights, I finished the day by spending some time in the lobby with my good friends.

IML Trip, Day 5

Day 5, Friday, had an early start. It was the first full day of IML! After a good breakfast, a few of us went for a nice walk around the city to check out some of the nearby landmarks. Our first stop was the “Bean”.

We made our way from there to the coast of the lake, which we followed for a short while before moving back towards the city. It was a straight shot to the next landmark that got me pretty excited. Growing up, my father got me hooked on the show “Married with Children”. As something that I watched in my somewhat younger years, I loved it. And there, directly in front of me, was the fountain featured in the opening credits. This was just one of many unexpected little surprises that the weekend would hold. Representing a personal interest outside of the kink community, the fountain helped to really make my morning great.

We moved on to make our way back to the hotel. It was almost time for the market to open :) . After getting our wrist bands, we took the escalator down into the market. WOW! I was blown away! It was like a kink convention! I was like a kid in a candy store, and without the guidance of Mplsguy, who had done this many times before, I wouldn’t have known which way to go first. We did a quick walk around and saw a great number of really cool things.

After a quick bite, we noticed the vac-cube being demonstrated nearby. It was our next stop. When the asked for a volunteer, one of our group, NateQX, jumped at the opportunity. Once he was in and the air was out, a crowd gathered, cameras at the ready. I remember watching and thinking how amazing it must be to be in there. A few minutes later, the demonstration was over and he was removed from the cube. Flyboyfl and I were standing next to each other, watching the spectacle when Mplsguy pointed at us and said, “who’s next?”. I took a quick look at my friend, then a quick look at the guys running the demo to ensure that it was ok. When I saw no sign that it wasn’t, I jumped at the chance that I had been given. Before my first hour in the market was over, I was going to get to try a vac-cube!

Of course, this new experience came at a price. Before getting into the cube, I was required to remove every scrap of clothing. In front of everyone. This new experience would actually be a couple of new experience rolled up into one. There had to have been well over 100 people with a direct line of site to the booth, and hundreds more in the other areas of the market. Fortunately, my excitement far outweighed my nervousness. I was instructed on the proper way to get in and position myself, and then in I went. As you have probably read, I got to try a vac-rack on my previous trip to Denver, but the cube is a completely different experience. Inside the cube, you are completely suspended by the rubber within the frame of the cube. This point was demonstrated by flipping me over onto my side, then over again onto my back. I watched the crowd as they watched me. I gave a little struggle to test the security of the strange device that held my body prisoner. A lot of pictures were taken by a lot of people. It was interesting being the center of attention. Of course, this amazing experience had to end. It wasn’t too long before I found myself naked in front of the crowd once again.

Later that afternoon, I briefly met Kinkydaemon, someone I used to chat with years ago. I had always wanted to spend some time in his rope. Well, I got my chance. We made plans to meet later that night. Unfortunately, it would mean missing the Gear Blast party, but it was well worth it. After another nice dinner with the guys, I headed up to the room to await my meeting. And what a meeting it was! The rope work was incredible, and the breath play (don’t do it alone!) was intense! We went through three different positions, two of which you get to see :) .

After our meeting concluded, I headed back down to the lobby and chatted with a few friends, both old and new. What an amazing day! And it was only the first of my three full days at IML.