Jan 22, 2015

MAL 2015

MAL has once again come and gone, and like any leather event, it was incredible. This was only my second MAL, but I did things a little differently this time. An opportunity to attend the event by staying with Sir allowed for the personal time we both desired, while still allowing easy access to the event and so many friends and amazing guys.

To start, the weekend was an amazing success. Travel was cheap and easy, the weather was cooperative, and the event went off without a hitch. I arrived Thursday night, along with a couple close friends, and spent the night at the hotel with them. Sir and I met at a local bar that was hosting a bit of a welcoming party for the event before heading to the hotel to socialize a bit more before bed. The next morning brought some quick play and an excellent breakfast, followed but more play in the hotel room with both new and old friends. We did some shopping to get the essentials for the weekend and by the time we were done, the market was opening up, so we headed down that way to check it out. Sir bought a leather shoulder to wrist restraint system and led me around the market in it, which was amazing.

After the market, Sir and I headed back to his place to drop off my luggage and collect a few things for the event. Upon returning to the hotel, we began preparing for a rubber meet and greet. I've been in rubber many times before, each one was great, but always had a bit of a feeling like I was on display. I suppose that's not entirely strange; being squeezed into something so tight and shiny. This time was different though. I had never felt so comfortable and 'right' in rubber before. It was perfect!

Sir and I had an perfect Saturday morning in bed before grabbing lunch on our way back to the hotel. We headed back to the market, where I was again led around by collar and leash while bound in leather. Sir had some volunteer work in the evening, so I headed out to dinner with friends before getting back to the event for some play and to socialize in the lobby and dance a bit downstairs. Later that night, Sir and I enjoyed our personal time together, away from the event.

Sunday morning started off about the same way. In the afternoon, I had plans to get tied up while Sir had to take care of some things. I ended up strapped down to a bed in the most intense and restrictive hogtie I have ever been in. It was amazing. After my scene, I headed back to the hotel to hang out with a few friends in their room. While there, I met a few new guys and made a few new friends. After a bit more time in the lobby, we said some goodbyes and headed home with a cute pup in tow.

Monday was a 'non-event' day, but far from uneventful. Sir and I had plans to expand my interests by fisting me for my first time. As I had been told before, fisting is an intensely trustworthy activity, not to mention an intense experience itself. I didn't quite take the whole fist, but I'm extremely excited to have been able to make it past the widest part. I'm in no hurry to go again, but I can definitely say that it will be happening again!

The weekend had one downside: staying somewhere away from the hotel. It was great having the privacy, but the frequent commute to the hotel was time consuming and needing to store the things we brought in our gracious friends rooms was not not convenient. We will definitely be at the host hotel or a nearby hotel next year. All in all, the weekend was fantastic. Now... how long until IML?

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