Aug 4, 2014

Twin Cities Pride

I know it's a little late, but I've been busy since my trip to Minneapolis for Twin Cities Pride. Pride was fantastic, even if I did spend most of my play time in the Dom role. I don't Dom very often, so it was nice to scratch that itch, even if my itch to submit went largely un-scratched. It turns out that's ok, because only a few weeks later, I got to submit to someone very special for a entire weekend. More on that coming soon.

Of the two times that I did find myself bound, the first was on one of my favorite pieces of bondage furniture: the lacing table. In my past experiences, I haven't gotten my hands on very good shots of myself on the table, but this time, I have!

Only a couple hours before my flight, I was strapped tightly to a rack. This rack was suspended above the ground and able to rotate around a central axis. This allowed the guys in control to flip me upside down or make me face the floor or the sky. Being unable to move... While being moved, is quite the experience.

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