Jan 8, 2014

A Much Needed First

With 2013 in the past, it’s time to start fresh. For me, this means several things; one of which is bringing my kinky side back into the light. This includes a stronger focus on my kinky friends, kink events, and of course, this blog. Well, it just so happens that Mid-Atlantic Leather is coming up very soon, and I can't think of a better way to start the new year right.

I wasn't able to attend MAL last year, so this year will be my first time at this event. I'm hoping to make it an amazing one. This is sure to be a very much needed kink filled weekend. So, if you'll be at MAL, and you're a Dom looking for a sub, a sub looking for a buddy, a Top looking for a bottom, or even a bottom looking for a Top, shoot me a message! Never know what may happen. ;)

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