Nov 1, 2013

Twin Cities AND Bust

This trip to Minneapolis was a little different than trips in the past. While I was really looking forward to my trip, travelling didn’t quite have the excitement that it once did. The magic of sneaking away from life had worn off, but the magic of the city and the friends that I have there will never die.

The first night included some interesting work at a friends place. We were tasked with a sequence of activities to finish off the work of softening and preparing new hemp rope for a future of binding subs. I learned a great deal about the preparation of quality rope and had no idea that so much went into its production. Friday had a slow start, but ultimately led to a short, but fun, group scene.

The next day started with a large group brunch at one of my favorite local restaurants. Afterwards, we headed straight across town to finally check out the new Twin Cities Leather & Latte. I was thrilled to finally check the place out and it lived up to all of my expectations. Afterwards, we headed to a friends place for an afternoon of play. At some point, I managed to convince myself that learning what a taser felt like was something that I wanted to do. After taking 5 or 6 quick hits on each calf and the bottom of each foot, I had the answer to my curiosities.

Unfortunately, the rest of that day was dissapointing and upsetting. Regardless of everything going on, I somehow managed to spend no time in bondage before a huge piece of my past caught up with me, which continued to mess with me for the rest of my trip and the days following it.

After a quick trip to the Saloon, we called it a night. We had a relatively early reservation for brunch the next morning. After brunch, a few of of decided the weather was nice enough to warrant a walk. About 4 miles later, we returned home and relaxed for a while before dinner. After dinner, we had some time to kill before another night out at the Saloon, so we all had a little fun. I was suspended face down for a very cruel teasing session. Large leather belts were used to support my weight, while rope held my wrists spread wide. The Saloon hosted it's normal Sunday night shower contest, which was just as exciting as ever, with two friends that had competed. The night ended on a high note before going to bed.

Monday was a slow day of relaxation before my flight out of town. While the weekend had it's ups and downs, I had the opportunity to turn IML acquaintances into friends, which I really see as one of the highlights of the weekend.