Jul 4, 2013

One Month

As you probably know, I have recently been exploring chastity. With the acquisition of a new device, I am finally able to experience more... lengthy chastity. I have reached the one month mark. My previous chastity record has been broken, and so have I.

Being locked in chastity for a solid month has not quite been the experience I expected it to be. As can be expected, being locked for so long has certain effects on a person. There are periods of ease and periods of difficulty. Some days, I'm proud to be locked. I feel comfortable in my role as a sub who has given up control to their key holder. Other days, the effects of chastity lead to a slightly more vulnerable emotional state. Much to my surprise, simply being in an incredibly increased state of arousal was not the largest difficulty of being locked. I found that the biggest challenge was the change in routine.