Jul 21, 2013

IML 2013: Sunday & Monday

Sunday started with some breakfast before sending more time in the market. I realized that I had somehow managed to not wear rubber up to that point of the weekend. Of course, I had to remedy this. As many walks around the market as we had during the weekend, it never got dull. There was always something new to discover.

Later that evening, I had plans to submit again to Fossil9 and his partner Toil. This session would be different from my others, as it would include a very good friend of mine. AlwaysRight would be submitting along with me. We met Fossil9 and Toil in the lobby before proceeding to their car. I'm not sure why, but Fossil9 had his extremely heavy steel collar in hand. I was asked to carry it back to the car. It's quite fun carrying such a serious piece of bondage gear through crowded city sidewalks. The session was absolutely incredible. I have never had such a connection with another sub in a scene. Beyond that, the session included a number of new experiences for me. I may write about this in more detail in the future.

After the session, we returned to socialize in the lobby. As the lobby slowly began to empty later that evening, I was approached by a friend who had previously asked me to do him a favor months prior. To be honest, the favor scared me. Even though it was approaching 3 am, we felt like there was no time like the present. It was time for me to have my first experience with fisting. I may write more about this in the future as well.

It was nearly 5 am when I enjoyed a hot shower with two other boys before going to bed. We snuck into bed and tried to get as much rest before a busy Monday. Being the last chance, the next morning started with a final lap around the market. It was good to see both old and new friends and have the opportunity to say goodbye. Not long after noon, we started our journey home.

This was only my second IML. It may have been at a smaller, less popular host hotel, but that made no difference to me. The amazing experiences with even more amazing friends are what make IML... well, IML.