Jun 24, 2013

IML 2013: Saturday

Saturday morning began with some breakfast and continued to the market. After a brief walk around the two levels, we returned to the room and enjoyed a little more bondage. After being put into a rope harness, my hands were bound to a banister above my head. Shortly after, a new friend joined me by my side in the same manner. I have to say, it really was quite something to be bound with another great guy while looking at the beautiful city of Chicago from the 45th floor of a building. After being teased and tormented for a short while like this, we had a third join us. The three of us were moved to chairs, arranged back to back, where the teasing continued. Shortly after that, I was allowed to get off for the first time in almost 9 days. Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures of this to share.

Later that evening, I had an appointment with the great YngMstrDetroit. The last time I was fortunate enough to play with him was a year earlier at IML 2012. Similar to that session, this one started with something conductive entering my ass. This year, YngMstrDetroit had a new toy to play with. A special treat. As many of you probably know, either by reputation or first hand experience, the venus milking machine can be very devious. Add some conductive rubber to the interior of the sleeve and you’re in for an interesting time. The pattern of an electro device can become somewhat predictable after a short while when it’s not set on random. Combine that pattern with the motion of the venus’ sleeve, and you get a truly random experience. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with being tightly spread eagled with your head encased in neoprene while all of this is happening!

Later that evening, while hanging out with some friends, I was convinced that it was finally time for me to be on the receiving end of a stream of urine. Having been curious about it for a little while now, but not able to draw up the courage to try it, I also thought there was no better time than the present to dive in. I owe it to my friend, AlwaysRight, for giving me the push that I needed to actually go through with it. That was the first time I’ve ever been on my knees in front of a toilet bowl and actually enjoyed myself. The rest of the night was reasonably uneventful. We spent time in the lobby socializing with great friends and enjoying ourselves.

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