Jun 11, 2013

IML 2013: Friday

The next day was the official start of IML 2013. The market opened late in the morning, so we had some time to kill. It was a good opportunity to do what we did last year at the same time. The hotel isn't far from many of the famous sights in the city, so we went for a little walk. Well, maybe 'little' isn't the best word for it. By the time we returned, we had walked over 6 miles and saw several sights, including the ones below.

We arrived back at the hotel just in time for the opening of the leather market. We spent a good amount of time walking it and seeing everything it had to offer. It was also a great chance to enjoy the harness I had custom made by the talented guys at TCL. I was extremely excited as we approached the booth for "Bound & Gagged". Why? Because there, in the flesh, was the Bob Wingate! It was an absolute honor to meet him, but the fun didn't stop there. AlwaysRight got the pleasure of being bound at the booth for a few minutes. He was tied tightly to a chair before four of us all chipped in to help lift him above our shoulders and walk him a few yards around the market.

Later that evening, I had a session planned with one of my favorite Doms, Fossil9, which I will describe in detail in another post soon.

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