Jun 14, 2013

IML 2013: 113 Returns to Fossil9

On Friday night, I was fortunate enough to once again take my role as 113. After arriving at Fossil9's place, along with his partner TOIL, we all enjoyed each others company and a drink. When the glasses were empty, I was told to go down the hall to the play room. There's never a visit to this play space that doesn't have me questioning what's happening. This night was no different. I was ordered to kneel before being blindfolded. Then I felt a collar wrapped around my neck. This was strange. 'Wrapped'? It was pretty tight, and had very little weight. This was something new. I continued to kneel for a few moments after the collar was applied before my question was answered. A sharp jolt tightened the muscles in the right side of my neck. I was wearing a shock collar. A wave of submission overcame me as I realized his power over me had just increased ten-fold. I loved that little device, but it wasn't long before it was removed.

I remained on my knees as Fossil9 opened the cage and ordered me to get in. As I headed toward the cage I thought it was strange that I was being ordered into bondage with every scrap of my clothing still on. This was another first for me in this room. The next order answered my curiosities. I was to remove my clothing while inside the cramped cage. Unknown to Fossil9 at the time, I was wearing my underarmour compression shorts, which were not a bad match for the underarmour shirt that he had already planned to have me wear.

Once appropriately dressed, I was ordered out of the cage and it into a bit of a predicament. A chain was wrapped around my neck and padlocked. This chain was connected to the ceiling. Standing flat footed, the chain was tight, but did not cut off circulation or breathing. A set of double rigid irons were used at my ankles to keep them apart, while my hands were cuffed behind my back. Once blindfolded, my sense of balance came mostly from my neck and how strong the chain was cutting into it. This let me with very little control over my situation. If I leaned too far in any direction, the chain would dig in deeper. I was forced to maintain as vertical a position as possible.

Later, I was moved against the wall and given my number. By this point, I was already so deep in the sub headspace that I had completely forgotten that "113" had not yet been written across my chest. When I first felt the sharp tip of the marker, I flinched thinking it was a device to tease me, such as a wartenberg wheel. It wasn't until I was ordered to hold still that I realized I was getting my label. I spent a little time getting teased and tormented while chained to the wall with a parachute hanging from my balls.

After this position, I was moved back into the cage for a new position. This one would be more torturous than the last. The cage I was in has a couple of devious stocks in order to hold a sub's head in place. One is located on the top of the cage. The other, where my head was placed, is on the side. Once the cold steel was locked around my neck, I found myself face up, using my elbows to keep my body level with the stock height. I was ordered to slide my legs through the bars on the opposite side of the cage. The parachute, still attached to me balls, was pulled up and away from my body. It was in the position that I got my first 'taste' of watersports. All it took was a simple command for me to open my mouth. Fossil9 will soon be posting a more detailed account of this position during this scene. In the end, I was taken back to the hotel without being allowed release. Better luck tomorrow?

Fossil9 has written his own account of this session that you can read here.

***It is important to note that I was never left alone while the chain was around my neck. My captors were extremely cautious regarding my safety in this matter. Do not attempt anything like this on your own.***