Apr 23, 2013


If you follow my blog or check-in on my other Internet real estates, you probably know that I watermark all of my images. The obvious reason is to discourage copyright infringement. I work in a place where copyright is a very important topic, so it makes sense that I would take at least basic steps towards preventing unauthorized sharing. That said, this isn't the reason I watermark the pictures on my profiles.

The fact of the matter is, I don't really mind if my pictures are shared. There is absolutely no getting around sharing when you post something on the Internet. The problem comes when someone decides they want to use your pictures as their own. I watermark my pictures to prevent what could be called "kink identity theft". I began watermarking my pictures the day I discovered another kinkster using my pictures on his profile, claiming they are of him, pairing them with overly raunchy and degrading profile text.

Kinky profiles, like 'Recon' or 'GearFetish', are a kinksters "resume". They are the first glimpse at a kinkster and his interests. I'm sure I don't have to remind you all how many words a picture is worth. These profiles are an extension of the kinkster they belong to. This is the real reason I watermark my pictures. It's a little extra work, but if you don't do this, I recommend you start.

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