Apr 2, 2013

New Orleans

At about 6:30 Thursday morning, I hit the road for New Orleans. This trip had one main goal: surprise. Months ago, Mr. Leather Colorado's partner began planning this surprise birthday party for him. We all made our way to New Orleans, got a birthday cake, snuck in when he was napping, and watched as he tried to say anything other than how surprised he was. Months of planning and straining to keep it a secret and success! But the real surprise was on us.

Moments after our 'hello's and 'how-are-you's, we were all thrown for a loop when our surprisee became the surpriser. We all stood and watched in speechless excitement as he got down on one knee, expressed his love for his partner, and proposed.

Crap... We got the wrong cake!

After that, we all proceeded to check out the city. Our first stop that night was a local bar, where we all enjoyed the evening out in gear, myself in my new harness. After making our appearance there, we ran back home and changed to go check out the scene on Bourbon Street. We spent the rest of the evening enjoying the bar and each others company. Hanging out on a balcony of a gay bar on the Bourbon Street of New Orleans with a group of awesome kinky guys felt like a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but I really hope I get to do it again. The next day started with a more detailed exploration of the French Quarter. After lunch, I may or may not have been hogtied, gagged, and plugged. ;)

Later that evening, we all went out for a big celebratory dinner with the group as well as a couple new friends before returning to Bourbon Street to get another taste of the local night life. The next day brought a bit more relaxation as well as another new friend. While watching this sweet guy get tied up, I got to play around with a little rope myself. We finished off the day inside, playing games and chatting partially thanks to a little poor weather, and I got to spend a little more one-on-one time with that sweet guy I mentioned earlier. :)

New Orleans is a city with a very rich culture and history that on its own is spectacular. Combined with an amazing group of guys, new friends, a little bondage, and most importantly - the power of love, the weekend was truly incredible! I can't wait to visit this city again! Hopefully I'll have some pictures coming for you soon. Finally, I want to send out huge thanks to the guys who were there and helped make the trip amazing. Of course, I also want to send out my biggest congratulations to the newly engaged couple. I'm so excited for you guys!

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