Jan 3, 2013

Displeasure = Pleasure

Tynan approached me with a question regarding something I had told him on our recent trip to Chicago for MIR. He asked that I write a blog post about the subject, so here is the result:

In my hands was a steel dog bowl. As I stood against the wall, I blindly filled the bowl with my own urine. I was doing as I was told. While I’ve been curious about watersports for a short while, I’ve never quite had the guts to try it. While I enjoyed watching it in videos or seeing pictures of the dirty deed, the idea of myself taking part in the act still disgusted me. But there I was. A bowl of my own urine in hand, and I wanted to be forced to drink it. But why?

The answer is simple, but the idea is more complicated: Control. Well, lack of control. We’ve all heard the old expression, “It’s not bondage until you want out”. It’s a little like that. Deep down, I think I wanted to be forced to do something that I didn’t want to do, feeling that it would secure the state of my submission or reinforce my role. For the record, I do not mean to make it seem as though Fossil9 was not doing a fantastic job. Actually it’s the exact opposite. Some of my most submissive moments have been under his command. It’s that extremely submissive state that makes me crave more. I want my limits pushed and I want to do just about anything that the Dom commands, for the sole reason of pleasing him. Even if it’s an act that doesn’t please me at all. That is the very essence of submission, is it not?

This is a state of submission that I reach rarely, and only with Dom’s that I truly mesh with and trust with my life. ‘Chemistry’ is an extremely important part of the Dom/sub dynamic.

You can read a brief description about the rest of the scene here, as well as Fossil9’s description of the predicament he put me in here.


Fossil9 said...

Next time, you will drink it

boundand said...

:/ If you say so, Sir.