Dec 10, 2012

Blog Updates

Well I've made a few recent updates to this blog.

For starters, I decided that the navigation/info bar should be on the left side of the site, rather than the right. While I was at it, I tweaked some fonts and font colors for links, headers, and posts. I have also moved images in posts to be side by side, rather than one single long column, making posts easier to scroll through.

And, then a problem arose. For some reason, the font in about 90% of my posts had been completely corrupted and changed from my default font. Because of this, the font of those posts was reduced to a size that was vey uncomfortable to read. I spent two nights sorting through the the HTML of each bad post to correct the problem. It's finally done and my posts are uniform again :) If you've struggled through that problem with the text, I apologize.

Other than that, you may have noticed the new scrolling text in the top of the left bar. I thought it was a good way of explaining what my name, "boundand" means.

Enjoy the new changes!

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