Dec 31, 2012


Well 2012 has come to an end. I can say without a doubt, that 2012 was the best year of my life. It had a couple downs, but the ups far outweighed them. 2012 hosted the massive growth of my kink life, the best new friendships that I could have dreamed of, the birth of this blog, my dive into Twitter, and the best relationship I've ever had with an amazing guy.

To those who were there to share the amazing experiences that this blog describes, Thank You.
To those who made those experiences possible for me, Thank You.
To those who read this blog and follow me on Twitter, Thank You.
To those who dared me to dive and those who pushed me when I wouldn't, Thank You.

I'm a completely different person than I was one year ago, and I owe it to all of you.  Here's to 2012!

That said, I'm looking forward to 2013 and the amazing things that it will bring!  I hope to make it better than 2012, so here's to 2013!

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