Nov 20, 2012

My First MIR, Part 2 (113)

Before I knew it, I was in Fossil9's play room.  I was on my knees and blindfolded, feeling the tip of a permanent marker sliding over my chest.  Fossil9 has an inspiring way of controlling a sub.  After my first visit, I gave a very detailed recollection of the entire scene.  In order to preserve Fossil9's methods, I plan on leaving the detail to his discretion from here on.  That said, I will still be posting about my meetings with him and his partner, Toil, when I am fortunate enough to have them.

As you can see below, I got to experience the ultimate in security with the extremely heavy duty steel restraints and collar.  I was also put into my first predicament position, which you can read all about in Fossil9's post on his blog here.  It was absolutely incredible submitting to Fossil9 for my second time and really enjoyed the additional presence of his partner, Toil, this time around!

Enjoy the pictures below.  I will be continuing my posts on my first MIR after the holiday this weekend, so until then, Happy Thanksgiving!

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