Nov 16, 2012

My First MIR, Part 1


It was as simple as that.  I was not attending MIR this year.  Sure, I wanted to go.  I had never been to MIR before, and even though it is a considerably smaller event than IML, my interest in rubber has seen a large growth in the past year.  Alas, not this year. When I learned the reason why my friend, Tynan, had asked about my attendance, I really felt bad about missing it.  It turned out he had been asked to do a breath control demonstration at MIR this year.  He and I have done breath control together in the past and he knows that he is one of the rare few who have been able to excite me while scaring me into the submissive headspace.

Well, it had to change.  And it did.  An hour later I found myself at work frantically trying to find coverage for my shifts for the weekend.  Only a couple days later I was waiting at an empty gate at Tampa International Airport.  I arrived late in the evening when there was nothing going on, so I enjoyed a nice relaxing night.

The next morning was slow.  The market did not open until noon and only an hour later, Tynan and I were scheduled to begin our demonstration.  Arriving at the event for my first time was more or less what I expected.  While small, the atmosphere was comfortable.  Of course, everyone was in rubber, which was AWESOME!  We took a quick walk around to check out the vendors and I met a few new people.  Before long, it was time to begin the demo.  We stepped over the rope and into the demo space.  The market was still relatively quiet as it had only been open for an hour.  I was wearing my blue sleeveless rubber shirt and my pair of new rubber shorts.  We started the demo with a simple rope harness.  That harness quickly evolved into a hogtie.  I was blindfolded and multiple strips of that heavenly material, duct tape, were plastered onto my lower face.  From then on, control of my breathing was given to Tynan.  The demo itself was a blast.  We ran through many forms of breath control using things like gas masks, duct tape, rubber strips, and something new to me: a plastic bag.  After about 40 minutes, the demo was over and it was time for me to be untied.  I know...  :(.

For the record:  Do NOT practice any form of breath control by yourself!  Tynan has written about the dangers in doing so, found here.

Here's a quick shot of the beginning of the demo, courtesy of the official MIR website.  Hopefully I'll have more to share with you soon!

After the demo, we walked around the market a bit more.  Fossil9 arrived with Toil to check it out.  It was their first MIR as well.  After spending a little time chatting and hanging out, we all went our separate ways.  My destination was a shower and some warm clothes.  Later that evening, we arrived back at The Center on Halsted for the cocktail hour. We enjoyed the hour and at it's end, the crowd started to head into the auditorium for the first night of the contest.  I had other plans, though.  I had a date with a prime number...

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