Nov 10, 2012

Minneapolis in the Fall

At 4 am, only two hours after going to bed, my alarm jolted me awake.  Seven hours later, I was walking in the streets of downtown Minneapolis.  Not long after, the next batch of guests arrived.  Later still, the next group.  Before night, almost everyone had arrived.

The next day, we made our way to a friends dungeon.  He wanted to try a new electro technique, so who was I to disappoint?  Once again, I found myself roped down to the lacing table, but this time, with electro on three different locations of my body.  A gag was strapped on, which was also laced tightly to the table so I couldn't move my head.  Of course, this wasn't enough, so my balls were bound and anchored to the ceiling with bungee cords while clothes pins gripped my nipples.  Later than evening, we all enjoyed dinner together and a fantastic game of cards afterwords.

The next day was going to be exciting for me.  That morning, my ex-boyfriend AlwaysRight, had arrived to begin his search for a place to live in the beautiful city.  He has just accepted a new job there and I couldn't be more proud and happy for him!  While waiting for him to finish up, my friend was having a leather harness made for him.  While waiting for this harness to be made from scratch, he was to be bound and teased… by me :).  Now I'm not much of a Dom… at all, but I do enjoy teasing a hot guy in bondage from time to time ;).  Down in my friends dungeon, he was laced to a bondage chair, where I teased and edged him.  About half way through the making of the harness, AlwaysRight had finished his search for the day and stopped by to begin his vacation with us.  His first steps into this amazing kink family were into a dungeon that he had admired with a hot guy bound.

That night also happened to be Gear Night at the Minneapolis Eagle and Bolt Bar.  Finally, I would be able to attend one of these events!  It was a great excuse to wear my new black rubber shirt and get AlwaysRight into rubber for his first time!

Sunday brought a wonderful brunch with the whole group and a very enjoyable walk around the Mississippi.  Later in the afternoon, AlwaysRight and I were led into the play room, where we were bound together for our first time.

The trip was certainly a memorable one!  As always, I hated leaving Minneapolis.  I love the city and I love my friends there even more.  I can't wait for my next visit!  By the end of the trip, I had pretty ugh decided that MIR in Chicago, only 2 weeks later, would more than likely not be an option for me.  About a week and a half after my return home, I received a query regarding my attendance to MIR...

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