Oct 7, 2012

Year One

I was excited.  I hopped in my car and started driving towards an adventure that I never could have expected. It was an adventure that I could have only dreamed of. The two hour drive to my friends house was uneventful.  In fact I arrived early, so I had to kill some time in his driveway while I waited for him to return home from work.  The weather was nice, but a storm darkened the distant sky.  After he returned home and packed for the weekend, we headed out.  By that time, a light rain and started.  By the time we hit the interstate, the winds had picked up and the rain was dumping.  This is when the excitement began to mix with a little nervousness. We came across an unexpected toll, which delayed us slightly because neither of us had change.  The rain was still coming down, but it was much lighter.  The heavy rain had been replaced by much stronger winds.  We found the place without too much trouble and parked downstairs.  We quickly got out and gathered our belongings to run for shelter in the covered stairwell.  Without hesitation, we began to climb the stairs, to be met half way up by a small group of guys.  We had arrived at Palm Coast, knowing we were in for an amazing weekend, but not knowing the impact that weekend would have on our lives.

That was exactly one year ago today.

The weekend that followed, described here, was the beginning of several friendships, which in turn, would lead to more friendships and the most amazing experiences of my life.  And it all started one rainy evening in October.

Since then, with the support and encouragement of my kinky family, I've broken out of my shell and travelled cities I could once only dream about visiting.  I've made friendships that I could once only dream about having.  I write this post as a thank you to those who were there that weekend as well as all of those who have shown such incredible love and hospitality to me as I began my journey deeper into this community.

Thank you all so much!  I'll see you in a few days in Minneapolis ;)

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