Oct 16, 2012


Once upon a time, a young kinkster finally got the opportunity to push himself into the world of kink. That kinkster was me. Just over a year later, the cycle has come full circle. This past weekend, I was able to be on the other side of things and help welcome a new kinkster into the community, who was once in my shoes. I'm happy to say that this new guy was none other than my boyfriend.

A while back, I posted about him leaving town to pursue the next chapter in his life. You can read about that here.  As much as I hated the fact that he was leaving, I was happy for him and supported his decision to start the rest of his life.  He moved away for work, but recently accepted a new job in a new city.  Imagine my excitement when he told me that city was Minneapolis!  I was thrilled to finally introduce him to my friends whom he had heard so much about.

I'd like to give a huge thanks to all of you guys for making him feel so welcome and like a part of the family!  It means so much to both of us!  And a personal special shout out to him:

Welcome to the family!  I love you!

More on the weekend in Minneapolis coming soon!

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