Sep 28, 2012

Some New Stuff

So I've decided to give Twitter a try!  Follow me on Twitter here or the link above.

On that note, after attempting to add the link above to Twitter, I discovered that links to my other online real estates have not been working.  If anyone has had problems with this, I apologize.  It seems saving the arrangement automatically replaced the link information with a little useless code, rendering the links useless.  I've corrected the issue, so it should be working again.

Thanks for sticking with me!  I'm hoping that Twitter will be a great way to keep you informed and entertained more regularly between my larger blog posts.  And something a little more exciting:  In less than two weeks, I'm off to Minneapolis to see all of my great friends from around the country.  I'm really excited and can't wait to get away from what's been a rather stressful period.

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