Sep 4, 2012

Break from the Break

Again, I apologize for my lack of posting recently, but I have good news!  I have some pictures for you guys!  Check out my post "A Night of Bondage", to see the update with new pictures from that evenings events.

Well, I finally got a great evening of bondage in and effectively took a break from my break.  You know it's been a great night when you arrive home at nearly three in the morning and discover that you have 'hood hair'.  I was invited to a little get together for the holiday weekend by my friend mentioned in the linked post above.  I had a great night and enjoyed a number of excellent bondage positions.  I started in a bondage chair and some electro.  While bound to the chair, I was pushed aside to make room for another guy who had just arrived.  From there, I was moved to the bondage table and while being strapped down, was introduced to another guy who had just arrived.  Little did I know that he would be the one to push my limits with electro further than ever before.  For those who don't know, pain isn't my thing.  I'll admit, a nice pair of nipple clamps or electro cranked up just a little beyond 'comfortable' can be a great time, but much more than that and I'm usually not having fun.  Even though the electro session I had on that table was the most intense and painful of my life, I still enjoyed it, but consider my cravings for pain for the evening fulfilled.

After a quick water break, I was put into the bondage surf suit that I had spent the night in during my previous visit.  I was led to a sling and given a run with a venus milking machine before being released to cool down.  Before I was bound again, I was introduced to yet another guy who had just arrived.  Just like last time, a hogtie in cold steel was an excellent way to cool off, then it was out to a standing cage to watch the other guys enjoy themselves.  After I was removed from the standing cage, my cage time wasn't over.  I was ordered onto all fours and led into a cage.  After some teasing, I was wrapped yet again into a wonderful mummification, this time with a gas mask.

By the end of the night, I had made several new friends and had an amazing time.

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