Jul 10, 2012

Twin Cities Leather!

I'm very excited for a few friends, particularly Tynan and Puptrigger, for a new initiative that they've taken upon themselves to take their local leather and kink community to the next level. With the loss of the only store in the Minneapolis area to sell leather, a plan was hatched to correct this. That plan has begun to take shape and materialize. Twin Cities Pride was the official starting point of this endeavor, and I'm happy to help them out by introducing you all to www.twincitiesleather.com! Much of their weekend at pride was spent launching this project and handing out stickers at pride events to spread the word. This is far more than just a leather shop though!

Twin Cities Leather is being partnered with Tynanfox Speaking and local leather events and contests. The result will be a tremendous increase in awareness, pride, and community involvement. I'm extremely proud of my friends for taking on this challenge and very excited for what it will bring to us all in the future!

This is a movement that will do more than just bring awareness to the twin cities area. With Tynanfox Speaking ramping up, people all over the country will learn more about leather, rubber, and other assorted kinks and fetishes. With this, comes an increase of comfort and acceptance from the 'vanilla' world. It will also help those like us gain the inspiration needed to take that first step into the world that I write about here. This is very important work and your support is needed! Please check them out at www.twincitiesleather.com and like them on Facebook! Best of luck to Tynan, Trigger, and all others involved!

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