Jul 3, 2012

New Toys :)

I want to take a quick break from my IML coverage to note a friend I’ve made:

I’ve chatted on and off with a guy a little more than an hour drive from myself.  A few nights ago, I finally got to meet him in person and play a little.  After a very stormy drive, I arrived and we got right to it.  Isuril quickly showed me a few toys that he was planning on kindly donating to my collection, as he could no longer keep them.

Now I’m not much of a sub for pain.  I’m not a pain pig, or even a sub who enjoys pain a little.  With the right guys, I will endure whatever pain they command me to, as long as it’s within reason.  That night, for the first time, my pain limits were truly tested.  It was a very new experience for me.  After 2 hours, I finally had all that I could handle and we finished up and had a nice dinner out.  We returned briefly to pack up the items that Isuril generously let me have.  I will give them a great home!  Thanks so much Isuril!  I’m so excited for my future with them!

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