Jul 2, 2012

New Town... New World, Part 3

And so we reach the final day of the Minneapolis trip. Not only was it the last day, but the longest day as well, so we made sure to go out with a bang!

Our morning began slow, like the rest of the trip’s mornings.  Our plan for the day was to visit another Dom in the area, this time with a larger dedicated play-space.  We met the Dom, again in an unassuming home in the suburbs, and chatted for a short while in the living room.  After all the introductions, we headed down to the basement and got a look at where we would be spending the next couple of hours.  There were three of us subs to four Doms.  All three of us were ordered to remove our clothing.  The other two were out together into a standing cage, while a humbler was put on me and I was put into a cage.  The Doms then left us for the living room upstairs to discuss our fates.  Being bound and under someone else’s complete control is amazing, and knowing that they’re in another room planning things for you makes you feel both submissive and special.

When they returned, we were all removed from our respective cages.  The other two subs were taken to the opposite side of the dungeon.  While one was tied to a St. Andrews Cross, the other was tied to a chair immediately in front of him.  While this was happening, I got the thrill of experiencing my first ever rubber bondage.  I was lubed up from head to toe and slid into a rubber sleepsack.  The sensation was amazing.  The cool, tight, and restrictive feeling of the sack was unlike anything I had every experienced before, and even though I had only been in it for a matter of seconds, I couldn’t wait until the next time I could slide into one of those things.  The addition of a gas mask, electro plug and cock rings, and I was in a very good place. I know I’ve already shown this picture, but here it is again:

Well all good things have to come to an end, so eventually I was released from the sleepsack.  My friends were also released from their predicament.  After a short break, I was tied back to back with one of the other subs while the other was hogtied and suspended.  The position that we were tied in was similar to the one during my first night in Denver, but our hands were tied at our sides.  The rope that held us together was tied to a swivel loop in the ceiling, allowing us to rotate, and that was exactly the plan.  We were about to participate in something they called a “round robin”.  Three of the Doms surrounded us with different implements of torture.  The goal was for the subs to fight for position over which torture we would receive.  Some of the devices that were used we’re completely new to me.  There was something that can only be described as an electrified flogger.  There was also a furry mitt with metal studs that gave the soft warm feeling of the fur, only to trick you into comfort before the metal studs scratched at your skin.  Finally, a more traditional flogger was the other implement of torture.  Between the two of us, we thrashed back and forth and around and around.  All in all, a fantastic time with many new experiences.

Later that evening, we returned to The Saloon.  We arrived considerably earlier than the other nights, so the place was practically empty.  As the bar started to fill, I felt more comfortable in the environment, but still a little out of place.  Over the course of the night, I finally reached a point where the crowd of people didn’t intimidate me anymore.  Right around last call, I was dragged onto the stage overlooking the dance floor, my shirt was lifted over my head and tossed to the side of the stage.  Then the dancing started.  I was somewhat surprised that I was actually having an amazing time dancing on that stage.  Then, much to our dismay, the music cut off and the bar was closed.  We headed out the door into the cold January night, still trying to turn our shirts right-side-out to put them back on.  We were far from sober and we had a flight that departed at seven later that same morning, but the night was not over.  Knowing full well that we had an early flight for our departure, we had always planned to refrain from sleeping that night.  We made the journey back to our host’s place and continued our night there.  Flyboy was later put into Tynanfox’s blue rubber sleepsack for his first rubber experience and I was shortly thereafter hogtied on the bed next to him.  It was during this scene that I experienced the most intense breath control I have ever done.  I’ve never felt so deprived of anything in my life, and it was incredible!  Then the time came that we had all been dreading.  The time to pack up and head to the airport.  It was sometime between 5:00 and 5:30 am.  We arrived at the airport and said our heartfelt goodbyes and walked through security, with alcohol still running through our veins from the night prior.  The rest of the day was a blur of traveling and post-trip depression, but the prospect of a trip to Denver in the coming months brought solace.  The trip was over, but there were some very exciting things on the horizon…

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