Jul 1, 2012

New Town... New World, Part 2

After meeting Tynanfox we took him upstairs to drop off his bags of gear and toys, then headed back downstairs for a short walk to a restaurant down the street for dinner. The place was almost empty save us, which made it much more comfortable to talk kink, not that it’s stopped us before. There were a couple of moments during dinner that I stopped and thought to myself, ”Wow, I’m sitting in a restaurant in Minneapolis chatting casually about kink with these three incredible guys!”. It almost didn’t seem real.

After dinner we decided we were going to go to The Saloon, a local gay bar that seemed to be the favorite among the locals. Of course, it was still way to early to go out. We had to do something to kill an hour or so. Can you guess what we did? :)  There’s never too little time to enjoy some bondage, even if it involves nothing more than a single strand of rope or pair of handcuffs. Have some fun! Fortunately, we had enough time to utilize a little more gear than that. With the bondage framework complete, we continued to help break it in. Flyboy was put into rope harness, then tied to the left edge while I was tied in a similar manner to the right post. Flyboy was gagged and blindfolded and I was put into my own little world as a sensory deprivation hood was tightened into place.

We had a little fun until it was time to head out to The Saloon. I’ve been to a gay bar before, but it was nothing like The Saloon. I’ve never considered myself to be the “club/bar” type, and that held true that night at The Saloon. I just couldn’t make myself truly appreciate the club, however, this was only the first of three nights that we would visit The Saloon on this trip. Things changed a lot for me over those nights spent at this bar. We left a little early because we had a busy day ahead of us the next day, but we still had a little fun when we got home. Tynanfox let me try on his black leather outfit, while Flyboy tried on a matching red leather outfit. This was my first time wearing leather and I’ve got to say, it was amazing. Regardless of the fact that I had way too much to drink that night, it was still an amazing day that I will not soon forget.

The next morning we all slept in a bit before starting our day. Our plan for the day was pretty simple: visit another friend’s dungeon/playspace then see where we go from there. As you probably already figured out, we ended up back at The Saloon later that evening. We stopped for a late breakfast for lunch before heading to our friend’s place. Never in my life have I been in a 100% dedicated dungeon/playspace, so I knew that this experience would be an interesting one. When we arrived at the unassuming home in the suburbs, we were led to the basement and into the play room. I was blown away. I had never been surrounded by so much gear and so many toys in my life. It was a beautiful sight. Up against the wall was a piece that caught my attention. Something I had to try before leaving. A lacing table. As luck would have it, I was to be the first to get strapped to it that evening. But that’s a few sentences from now… First, we went into a living room area to relax and chat a bit. Flyboy eventually found himself in a beautifully tied hogtie while the rest of us watched and chatted. After he was released, we all migrated back into the playroom. I was told to lay on the lacing table and I got myself situated. My friend started lacing at my right ankle and expertly moved up my leg. By the time he reached my knee, I let out a ”wow”, as I discovered that this would be a bondage experience unlike any I had ever had before. It only took the lacing of that small portion of my leg to realize that when he was done with the rest of me, I quite literally would not be able to move. Period. Most bondage positions allow for some movement. Squirming, wiggling, writhing, and twisting. This table didn’t allow for any of that. It was intense, and I was in heaven. Add a little electro and a gas mask and I didn’t want to leave. After a while, it was unfortunately time to move on and let Flyboy try the table. While he got laced, I got mummified. This wasn’t going to be an ordinary mummification. After I was entirely wrapped, a post was held behind me and I was then securely wrapped to it. The post (and me) was then angled forward, then lifted off of the floor. There, I hung parallel to the floor, staring down at it… Well, I would have been assuming there wasn’t tape covering every square inch of my body.

After we finished up our play, we gathered in the living room and planned dinner. We ordered chinese and while waiting, my hands were handcuffed in front of me. Dinner was delivered, but that didn’t change my handcuffed state. I remained cuffed for the duration of dinner and until it was almost time to leave. Later that night, we returned to The Saloon and I started to warm up to the atmosphere, but still felt a little like a fish out of water. The next day brought even more amazing things which you’ll hear about sometime before I leave to return to this amazing city next week.

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