Jul 1, 2012

New Town... New World, Part 1

As the countdown to IML 2012 passes the three week mark, it’s time to write the next installment of my journey into the kink community. This particular story is about my first trip out of the state for kink. Sure, I’ve travelled all over the I-4 corridor for play, and I’ve seen a good part of the country on vacations, but I’ve never combined the two.

At wheels up, a whole new kind of excitement filled me. The thought of being in Minneapolis within a few hours, just about made me the happiest person on earth. I just couldn’t arrive soon enough. After finally landing, we were picked up by our gracious host, mplsguy. During the drive from the airport, I got my first glimpse of the Minneapolis sky line. I fell in love with the city. We arrived in time for a late dinner at a local pub only steps away from where we were staying. It was a great time to sit back and let the events of the day sink in… I was really there!

The next day, mplsguy was stuck at work, so Flyboyfl and I spent the day lounging around and getting the rest that the trip would ultimately require. Later that evening, we helped our host put together his new bondage framework. It’s a great feeling really; building and setting up the frame that you will eventually be tied to and tormented on… Of course when it was done, it had to be tested… You know, for safety purposes:) I soon found myself in a standing spread eagle, sporting a ball parachute, clothes pins, a blindfold, and a gag. A vibrator was also cleverly positioned by using a clamp to hold it to the frame. What a wonderfully versatile contraption that frame is.

On day 2, our host once again had to work, but only for a few hours in the morning. Early in the afternoon, flyboy and I got into a friendly little wrestling match. I gave him a good fight, but he’s considerably stronger than me, so he managed to take control in the end. As our host returned home, my friend was locking me to the bondage frame with very strong steel cuffs. Our host saw this as a great time to step in and take control of the situation, which meant locking flyboy to the bondage frame in a nice spread eagle on the floor. After a little fun, we all got our act together and I got to see a little more of this beautiful city. What first time trip to Minneapolis would be complete without a visit to the Mall of America? We spent a couple hours walking around the mall and grabbed a late lunch. It was a pretty cool place. I really got excited when I learned there was a Lego store in the mall. I grew up on Legos, and to this day I love to play around with them and build things. I always was, and always will be, a tinkerer. It was also pretty neat to see the indoor amusement park, but I have to say, I wasn’t all that impressed by it, having grown up in Orlando and in the mouse’s shadow.

When we returned from the mall, we relaxed a bit and put together our plans for the evening. We were expecting the arrival of an additional kinkster later that evening, and we were both excited and nervous about it. This particular kinkster played a key role in inspiring both of us to be more active in the community, including my eventual creation of this blog. We could hardly contain our excitement as we were about to meet Tynanfox!

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