Jul 3, 2012

IML Trip, Days 8, 9, & 10

Day 8, Monday, was extremely difficult. Our time at IML was up. We planned to leave the hotel around 9 am. This time, the drive included only Mplsguy and myself. We spent the next six hours talking about our experiences during the weekend and the amazing times we had, both together and out on our own or with others. It was great to think about all of the new things I tried, but more importantly, all of the new friends that I had made in the process. When we arrived in Minneapolis, we were both drained, but at least for me, my body wanted to keep the pace that it had gotten used to over the previous 3 days. After a failed attempt to find some play in Minneapolis, we ended up resting and recharging. The good news, however, was that I lined up some play for the next day with my friend B1point5, while Mplsguy was bust at work.

Day 9, Tuesday, had a slow start. My appointment with B1point5 was for the early afternoon, so I had the morning to kill. I slept in a little before getting out of bed and being overwhelmed by boredom. I suppose that should have been expected though. After 3 lengthy days of fast pace action, a sudden lack of anything to do is a bit of a shock. I entertained myself by taking a nice walk. By the time I got back and showered, I had a text message from B1point5 saying that he was free early and ready when I was :) . We got to his place, had a drink, chatted a bit, and got started. I was bound once again to the lacing table and was quickly reminded of just how amazing the feeling of losing the ability to move at all really was. Electro, breath play, poppers, and other various tortures ensued. I also got to try something new, called “cupping”. This is a practice used as a massage therapy and for other various reasons that involves using a flame to use up the air in a small glass cup before applying the cup to the skin. Since the oxygen in the cup has been used up by the flame, suction is created. The cups are, of course, quite hot when they are first applied to the skin, adding a bit more sensation to the suction. All in all, it was a fantastic experience which was perfect for my post-IML woes.

From there, I was moved to a newly built bondage chair, which could almost be described more as a lacing chair. Electro was added again, but this time, the juice was cranked up. This time, pads were used with the electro, along with a plug. At one point, the electro was turned up enough for me to lose all control of my right leg. All my leg wanted to do was extend, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t keep it from doing so. If the lacing was not there, I would have kicked something over. It was the first time that my muscles have ever done something that my brain did not command them to do, so it was certainly an interesting experience. And of course, great fun!

Later that evening, after a very nice dinner with Mplsguy, another new friend from the area stopped by for some play. I had been talking with him for most of the day, at least when my hands were able to move. I was tied in a standing position to the frame, but only minutes later, my body had simply had enough. I began to get lightheaded and immediately asked to be let down. The events of both IML and the days before it had caught up with me. After a glass of water, I was feeling good enough to continue… laying down this time ;) . We played with a Venus milking machine a bit and had a great time.

Day 10, Wednesday, was it. The end. My journey home. Mplsguy was headed to work downtown, so we took the bus together then went our separate ways from there. I took the light rail to the airport while he walked the rest of the way to work. While waiting for the train on my own, the first tears began to flow. Getting on that train signified the end of what life should be. Amazing places, incredible events, excellent fun, and the absolute best of friends. I was leaving it all behind to go home and work my mundane job while making my way through school. Leaving was the hardest thing I had to do on that trip, and ranks pretty high on the list of hard things that I’ve done in my life. I would have some things to work out after arriving home, but as you’ve already read, they worked out great. We eventually solidified plans to return for Twin Cities Pride in only a few short weeks. Well, long weeks… I would have a lot of writing to do, but I was excited to do it. Now that my IML coverage is complete, you can expect a post regarding my discoveries about the community and myself before I leave for pride in four days.

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