Jul 3, 2012

IML Trip, Day 7

Day 7, Sunday, was a ’hit the ground running’ day. Flyboy and I were both up early for a 10am appointment with Mstrb. After greetings and a short conversation, we got started.  After being blindfolded and gagged, I was put into a rope harness and my hands were bound behind me.  After a little teasing, I was locked into a stockade, while listening to actions unknown from behind me.  After a short while and a little more teasing, I was released from the stockade and a heavy metal collar was locked around my neck.  I was then walked forward to the location of a large box.  I remained blindfolded as I was guided into the box.  Moments later, the two doors were closed around my collared neck and bolted into place.  After the clinking and rattling of chains, I heard Mstrb say something about exhibitionism.  Seconds later I was being wheeled in what I could tell was the direction of the door.  I was going for a ride.  We started down the hallway where we confronted our first audience.  The cleaning staff’s trolley was just a little too large for the box to squeeze around it in the cramped hotel hallways.  After some shuffling and apologies from the staff, we were ready to go.  Of course, the staff members wanted pictures first, so we happily allowed them.  We continued from there to the elevator which we took to the first floor lobby.  We then made our way through the lobby to another elevator that would take us down to the level that hosted the market.  Even blindfolded, it was not difficult to tell that we got a lot of attention.  There were a great deal of pictures snapped.  At one point, we stopped by the Recon booth, as they were taking profile pictures that day for members, and got a group shot of the box and it’s entourage.  We also stopped by the booth for the new ‘Mister’ iPhone app, where Flyboy and myself (and the box of course) were photographed.  Right after that picture, I requested that my blindfold be removed because I wanted to see people’s reactions to the spectacle.  We hit every isle of the market at least once before making our way back up to Mstrb’s room.

After our play that morning, it was just about time for my 2 pm appointment with yngmstrdetroit.  I was very excited to play with him, as I have admired his work for quite some time.  15 minutes after my arrival, I found myself mummified in vet wrap with a gas mask on my face, an electro plug in my ass, poppers being inhaled when my air supply wasn’t cut off, and a Venus milking machine being prepped to work me over.  What a time!!! The mummification alone was unlike any mummification I had ever been in.  The vet wrap held tight, but still managed to be comfortable.  I was able to be mummified without any kind of padding between my ankles, which is usually a necessity.  Another great thing about the wrap was how quick it was.  Without needing a layer of protective plastic wrap underneath it, the entire wrapping took only minutes.  I will definitely experiment with this material in the future.  But don’t worry guys… Duct tape is still an awesome material in which the smell alone gets me excited!

After my appointment ended, I headed back to the room for a quick shower before heading back down to the market for my last chance to see it.  Mplsguy and I walked around for the remaining hour that it was open that day, as we would not be around to see it the next morning.  I decided last minute that I wanted to purchase the Mr. S Neoprene Blindfold while I still had the chance.  After making my purchase, we took our time walking towards the exit.  It was hard to leave, knowing that it will be almost another year before I got to see such a marvelous site again.

It was still mid afternoon, so we stopped in the lobby to chat with Fossil9 for a while, where we were also happy to meet Kinkyboinick and Cuffsman10.  None of us had dinner plans, so we all decided to head out together, along with colobondage28boy (Do Not Feed Pigeons ;) ).  After a nice dinner, we headed back to the hotel.  I went off to try something new, which you guys don’t get to hear about… Sorry.  After that, I headed to the lobby and spent some time with a group of friends. Eventually, that group broke apart and headed in different directions, but Fossil9 and I remained.  We moved from the middle of the crowd to it’s outskirts and continued a great conversation.  We were eventually joined by Tynan, and a conversation about submission and domination began.  The entire conversation, both before and after Tynan arrived, was very insightful and opened my eyes to a couple new ideas and concepts.  We ended the night with a difficult goodbye, before heading up to bed at about 3 am.  Have you ever wanted to sleep, but not wanted to sleep at the same time?  It’s annoying.  Anyway, the next morning was going to be rather early, and the day; long.  My last full day at my first IML was complete, and the emotions were starting to hit already.

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