Jul 3, 2012

IML Trip, Day 6

Day 6, Saturday, began a little later than the previous day. Mplsguy and I took a quick trip to the lobby to grab a small breakfast to take back up to the room. After breakfast, we went for a short walk around the city, this time avoiding landmarks and simply getting some fresh air. When we returned, our first stop was the market.

We walked around for a while, but for this trip to the market, I was on a mission. I had my heart set on picking up a neoprene sensory hood from the Mr. S Leather booth. And that’s exactly what I did. Mission complete, we headed back up to the room briefly to drop our purchases off. I still had one more mission to complete in the market, however. I headed back down, on my own this time. I should mention that at IML, you never walk somewhere completely by yourself. It seems that every turn, or around every corner, you run into someone that you know and stop short to catch up really quick. After stopping for a rather long period of time at the entrance to the market to hang out with a large group of friends who had gathered there, I continued on my mission. Long before I arrived in Chicago, I told myself that I would not leave IML until I had purchased my very own rubber shirt. My first rubber shirt. My first rubber anything for that matter. I stopped by the TLS Rubber booth and began to look around. Based on my experience with Tynan’s beautiful copper shirt in Denver, I was reasonably certain that I wanted to purchase a sleeveless shirt. The staff at the booth was very helpful as I tried on a blue sleeveless shirt. I loved it! I decided that I wanted it to be mine and purchased it and headed back up to the room with it still on.

After returning to the room, I made plans to head over to the room of my new friends Cdnbondcouple. While there, we discussed rubber and other various fetishes and kinks. We were also visited by yet another new friend of mine, MightyOsiris. Eventually, I had to run back up to my room to change, as our room had made plans to go out to dinner in Boys Town.

After the best macaroni and cheese of my life, we headed back to the hotel to check out “Woof Camp”. Now, I’m not a pup. Until recently, pup play has never interested me, but I have to say that an interest is starting to take hold. While I feel that I still need a strong push into the world of pup play, I was curious to see what it was all about. I had a good time watching and learning, and got to see a friend I had made over a year ago while he was visiting Florida.

As with all nights, I finished the day by spending some time in the lobby with my good friends.

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