Jul 3, 2012

IML Trip, Day 5

Day 5, Friday, had an early start. It was the first full day of IML! After a good breakfast, a few of us went for a nice walk around the city to check out some of the nearby landmarks. Our first stop was the “Bean”.

We made our way from there to the coast of the lake, which we followed for a short while before moving back towards the city. It was a straight shot to the next landmark that got me pretty excited. Growing up, my father got me hooked on the show “Married with Children”. As something that I watched in my somewhat younger years, I loved it. And there, directly in front of me, was the fountain featured in the opening credits. This was just one of many unexpected little surprises that the weekend would hold. Representing a personal interest outside of the kink community, the fountain helped to really make my morning great.

We moved on to make our way back to the hotel. It was almost time for the market to open :) . After getting our wrist bands, we took the escalator down into the market. WOW! I was blown away! It was like a kink convention! I was like a kid in a candy store, and without the guidance of Mplsguy, who had done this many times before, I wouldn’t have known which way to go first. We did a quick walk around and saw a great number of really cool things.

After a quick bite, we noticed the vac-cube being demonstrated nearby. It was our next stop. When the asked for a volunteer, one of our group, NateQX, jumped at the opportunity. Once he was in and the air was out, a crowd gathered, cameras at the ready. I remember watching and thinking how amazing it must be to be in there. A few minutes later, the demonstration was over and he was removed from the cube. Flyboyfl and I were standing next to each other, watching the spectacle when Mplsguy pointed at us and said, “who’s next?”. I took a quick look at my friend, then a quick look at the guys running the demo to ensure that it was ok. When I saw no sign that it wasn’t, I jumped at the chance that I had been given. Before my first hour in the market was over, I was going to get to try a vac-cube!

Of course, this new experience came at a price. Before getting into the cube, I was required to remove every scrap of clothing. In front of everyone. This new experience would actually be a couple of new experience rolled up into one. There had to have been well over 100 people with a direct line of site to the booth, and hundreds more in the other areas of the market. Fortunately, my excitement far outweighed my nervousness. I was instructed on the proper way to get in and position myself, and then in I went. As you have probably read, I got to try a vac-rack on my previous trip to Denver, but the cube is a completely different experience. Inside the cube, you are completely suspended by the rubber within the frame of the cube. This point was demonstrated by flipping me over onto my side, then over again onto my back. I watched the crowd as they watched me. I gave a little struggle to test the security of the strange device that held my body prisoner. A lot of pictures were taken by a lot of people. It was interesting being the center of attention. Of course, this amazing experience had to end. It wasn’t too long before I found myself naked in front of the crowd once again.

Later that afternoon, I briefly met Kinkydaemon, someone I used to chat with years ago. I had always wanted to spend some time in his rope. Well, I got my chance. We made plans to meet later that night. Unfortunately, it would mean missing the Gear Blast party, but it was well worth it. After another nice dinner with the guys, I headed up to the room to await my meeting. And what a meeting it was! The rope work was incredible, and the breath play (don’t do it alone!) was intense! We went through three different positions, two of which you get to see :) .

After our meeting concluded, I headed back down to the lobby and chatted with a few friends, both old and new. What an amazing day! And it was only the first of my three full days at IML.

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