Jul 1, 2012

The Even Newer Standard, Part 3

To pick up where I left off on my first large kinky gathering…

A few guys wanted to go down to the beach, and I wanted to tag along so it was a bittersweet moment getting released from the sleepsack. Later that night, we all went out to dinner at a practically abandoned shopping center. With the weather just as bad as it was when we arrived, no one dared go out, so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Later that night, I spent a nice evening bound, which became a nice night bound. I ended up sleeping with my wrists bound to my thighs and my ankles cuffed together. When it was time to get up in the morning and I didn’t want to get out of bed, my friend made sure I got my wish by putting me in fist mitts and attaching them to the head board. I wasn’t ready to open my eyes, so he made sure I was blindfolded. Of course, I wasn’t talking as I tried to sleep in, so I suppose it made sense to add a nice neoprene gag. On a side note, the neoprene gear from Mr. S Leather is absolutely amazing. I enjoyed this position for a short time while breakfast was being made, then enjoyed being fed breakfast in bed… in bondage.

Later that day, my friend flyboyfl was bound to a twin bed and out came something new for both of us: A Sound. After my friend had his first experience with the sound, it was my turn. For the record, sounding was never something I was interested in, but there’s something about being with this group of guys (who I now consider family) that puts me in a “when in Rome…” mood. I was extremely surprised with the sensation that sounding produced. There was almost no pain as I had expected and the comfort level was shockingly high. While I can’t see myself really getting into this particular kink, it is definitely something I would try again and enjoy.

Right after my sounding experience, I somehow managed to find myself bound right next to my friend on that tiny little twin bed. After some teasing, we were both finished off and untied. A little later, I helped suspend someone in a straight jacket from the top bunk of a bunk bed. That was about the end of the weekend. The next morning, we all left the condo and had one last group breakfast, then went our separate ways.

This trip opened the door to a whole new world that I thought I was years away from being a part of. The friendships that I made led to my first time out of state for a kink specific trip. I’ve travelled to a lot of the country, but have never done it for kink. About 2 months later, we went on a trip up to Minneapolis to see some of my new friends, and make more. Little did I know that the amazing time I had down here on this past trip would be eclipsed by the trip to Minneapolis. I’ll be posting about my experiences there soon, so stay tuned!

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