Jul 2, 2012


As the Denver trip ended and the plane touched down in Orlando, I pulled out my phone and opened a countdown app.  I had recently used this app to countdown the days to the Denver trip after I arrived home from my Minneapolis trip.  After the long weekend, the app’s break was over and it was time to get back to work.  This time, the target date was set for IML. At the time, I had no solid plans on attending the event but I knew that I would do everything and anything I had to in order to make it happen. On that day, the app read “87″ days.  I had what felt like an eternity ahead of me.

It was rough getting back into the swing of things after the trip, but life goes on.  I tried my hardest to only focus on my countdown app every few days.  Every time I looked at the number of days remaining and saw that it was less than the last time I looked, it brought a little smile to my face.  I was especially excited when I finalized my plans to fly up days before I had originally planned, allowing me to push the countdown up a few days.

I’ve been watching that countdown for 84 days as it slowly ticked away… Until now.  Now, the countdown simply reads “0″. The wait is over.  It’s time for my very first IML.

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