Jul 3, 2012


We arrived in Chicago, enduring terrible traffic, in the late afternoon.  After settling into the room, the whole crew changed into singlets, then dawned street clothes over them, as the hotel had not yet closed to the general public for the event.  Then we all walked down the street for a nice group dinner.  After dinner, Flyboyfl had arranged a meeting with someone that I have wanted to meet for a very long time.  We went down to the lobby and within seconds, we were exchanging greetings with Fossil9 (Recon/Blog)!  This would be the beginning of a night that completely changed my perceptions of submission.  See Fossil9′s perspective on the evening here.
Before I continue, I feel that I should give a little background on my own submissive experiences.  I have used the term “sub” in this blog as a term to simply describe the position as the ‘bottom’ or ‘victim’ in a bondage oriented scene.  This has mostly been the kind of play I have participated in.  In that regard, I am a sub.  A majority of the scenes that I have ‘subbed’ in have included bondage with teasing, torture, and pleasure, but in a somewhat more ‘playful’ mood.  I have very little experience as a true submissive, who follows orders and does as told, getting punished or rewarded as necessary.  This is a dynamic that I have been very interested in trying for quite some time now.
I had heard that Fossil9 was quite the exceptional Dom, and was very excited to meet him for this reason.  I had also chatted with him for months prior to find that he is an equally exceptional person.  IML offered me the chance to finally submit to someone the way I really wanted to try.
After our introductions, we began to chat.  Then, during a break in the conversation, Fossil9 ordered Flyboyfl to kneel.  The suddenness of this order caught me off guard as I watched Flyboyfl immediately take his new position. As the conversation resumed normally, I began to realize just what kind of submission would be required of me that night.  It was no more than a minute later when I heard four simple words directed at me.
“Take off your shirt”.
I have been ordered to do things by Doms a great number of times in the past, but never in my life had I ever wanted to follow an order for the simple reason of pleasing the Dom like I did at that moment.  The order was given as concise as possible with the utmost confidence and authority.  It was like a spell was cast over me as I immediately followed the order, revealing the singlet.  After some additional chatting, Flyboyfl was ordered to his feet and we began walking to Fossil9’s vehicle.  We walked a good distance through the streets of Chicago, something that only made me feel more submissive, as we were surrounded by “normal” people and my singlet was showing for the world to see.  We went down a flight of stairs from street level into a nearly empty parking garage.  As we approached the vehicle, we were ordered to sit in the back seat.  Flyboyfl was given a blindfold while I was handed a spandex hood with built in blindfold and we were ordered to put them on.  We were ordered to put on our seat belts (safety first), but then we were told to make sure that our arms were above the belt and were held out in front of us. The next thing I heard was the sound of handcuffed being ratcheted around my friend’s wrists, shortly followed by my own.  After a short and somewhat nerve-racking conversation with the parking attendant, we drove for what felt like 20 minutes.  When we arrived, we were ordered out of the vehicle and into the home of our superior.

While my friend was ordered directly into the play room, I was taken down the hall into the living room and told to kneel, facing away from where we had just walked from.  I was asked if I’d like some water, but I declined.  I heard my Dom making some noise in the kitchen, but I didn’t dare turn to look.  The events that came next hit me with a wave of different emotions.

Fossil9 walked in front of me and knelt down there, being careful to make sure he remained above me.  He pulled a heavy steel collar around my neck and bolted it into place.  Then, he pulled out a permanent marker and wrote something on the left side of my chest.  I knew exactly what this was and it filled me with pride and excitement.  I had just received my number: my new name.  He confirmed this by verbally telling me that I will no longer be called by my old name.

I am 113.
He continued to speak to me.  He asked if I had interest in calling him ‘Sir’.  I happily replied that I was perfectly OK with that.  The next thing he said was that I was to only to speak with ‘Sir’ both before and after anything I said.  The seriousness of my submission began to sink in, as he asked me if I understood and I foolishly said, “yes Sir”, without the preceding ‘Sir’.  I immediately corrected myself and apologized in the proper format.  He then inquired about my interest in foot worship.  Even though this has been a quickly growing interest of mine, for some reason I locked up and could not give him a clear answer.  I have never truly been intimidated by a Dom before, so I had some trouble handling myself at first.  He gave a quick chuckle at my naive attempt to please him and then began to explain his rules.  I was never to walk.  I was only to crawl.  If he wanted me to follow him somewhere, I was to crawl behind him and to his right, and I was to always keep up with his pace.  ”Sir, Yes Sir!”.  With that, he pet me on the head and had me follow him down the hall behind me to the play room.
We rounded the corner into the play room where we found my friend in a heavy metal collar and restraints.  He was on all fours, patiently awaiting Fossil9′s return. Our Dom placed a metal dog bowl on the floor in front of Flyboyfl.  So that’s what the noise from the kitchen was!  clearly, my friend did not turn down his offer for water like I had.  He was ordered to drink, without using his hands of course.  He took this order with a smile, which brought a smile to my face.  As he leaned forward to lap up his refreshment, his heavy collar smashed into the bowl with a loud clang.  As the water sloshed around in the bowl, I couldn’t help myself.  I laughed.
“Is that funny, boy?”
“Sir, no Sir.”
“Then why are you laughing?”
“Sir, sorry Sir”
Another mistake.  The only thing I felt I should do was apologize and hope there wouldn’t be a punishment.  But there was.  Not a punishment of pain or discomfort, but of humiliation.  I was ordered to crawl to the other side of the room and use my head to hold the bowl steady while my friend drank from it.  It was then that I was objectified.  I won’t lie.  I loved it.

Immediately after he finished drinking, the bowl was removed and we were ordered to sit against the cage behind us.  My friend was chained up, while I was put into double rigid irons.  I was blindfolded while my friend was put into a neoprene breath control hood.

A short while after, I was released from the irons and ordered into the cage we were leaning against.  My legs were shackled to a bar on the far side of the cage while my hands were shackled to the top.  I sat patiently in my cage while Fossil9 toyed with my friend.  Up next was some fresh air.
I was removed from the cage and followed my Dom closely, on my hands and knees, as we headed out of the play room and down the hall.  My heart skipped a beat when he opened the patio door and ordered me outside.  I was ordered to kneel and was promptly gagged with a humiliator gag with serving tray while my captor relaxed in a comfy chair in front of me, enjoying a cold bottled water.  When he decided it was time to go inside and check on the other boy, he placed the water on my tray and went inside.  Unfortunately, the bottle of water was much too heavy for a gag of the sort, and it felt like it was about to rip my jaw apart.  I felt I had no choice but to use a hand to hold it up while he was gone.  When he returned a few minutes later, he saw my struggles and removed the bottle and then the gag.  He asked me about the problem to which I answered truthfully before he blindfolded and handcuffed me.  Then I was left alone again.

When he returned, my blindfold was removed and my hands were re-cuffed in front of me and I was ordered to massaged his leg.  When he was satisfied, I was led back inside and into the play room, where I was ordered to my feet for the first time since I first knelt after arriving.  I found that my friend had taken my place in the cage and I was ordered into the standing cage after having irons locked on my ankles and wrists, connected by chain to my collar. After the cage door was locked, he teased me by draping a pair of clover clamps over a cage bar in front of me. While I contemplated my fate, he picked up a bamboo switch and held it in front of me.  He lifted it parallel to the floor, just outside of the cage and told me to hold it in my mouth.  This is a challenging position.  I must keep my face pressed against the bars of the cage in order to hold the switch, still outside of the cage.

“If you drop it, I’m going to use it on your ass.”

After a few minutes, sweet relief came when it was my friend’s turn for some fresh air.  We were both removed from our respective cages and I was ordered into the cage that my friend had just left.  Even though I was chained, I was not restrained to the cage itself, so I was told that I could make myself comfortable.  I was happy to do so.  After what felt like half an hour, which I’m sure was no more than 10 minutes, they returned and I was released from the cage.

We were put back to back in the middle of the floor and our collars were chained together.  This is when our Dom made good on his earlier threat.  The clover clamps were applied.  I was played with and edged for a short while before we finished off the night.
This was an absolutely incredible submissive experience for me.  During those hours, I learned a great deal about myself and discovered new found interests, which I will post about shortly.

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