Jun 28, 2012

A Week Later

A full week after making it back home from the denver trip, things are starting to feel normal again.  Back to the daily grind.  I’m finding that one of the things that I miss about these kink trips is the steadily building excitement before the trip.  Now that my next planned trip is just shy of 3 months away (ouch)… that excitement is rather small compared to before the denver trip.  The good news is that the next planned trip is none other than IML!  That’s right, IML!  This will be my first ever IML and I really can’t wait to go.  I have no doubts that this trip will be the best time of my life to date, so starting now, that excitement I mentioned earlier will begin to build back up again.  It will be slow, but my fingers are crossed that the next 80 days goes by as quick as possible.

In other news, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve redecorated a little.  I hope everyone likes it. That old handcuff drawing of mine finally came in handy.  I’m thinking about making a questions page here for people to ask questions.  Maybe a poll page?  Any suggestions?  Oooh, maybe I should make a suggestions page?  Anyway, feel free to message me or leave a comment.  I welcome it!

I’m hoping to post a couple other kink trip experiences shortly, including the one that started everything.  And for you picture lovers, there may be a little something for you soon as well.

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