Jun 28, 2012

To Quote a Friend...

To quote a friend of mine, “It’s working”. A couple months ago, my good friend Tynan wrote a post about how his work with his own blog is helping up and coming kinksters break out of their shells. This post from Tynan moved me, partially because some of the post was inspired by his experiences with Flyboyfl and myself, but mostly because of what those experiences personify. His work on his blog has helped many new kinksters get out there and experience the community for what it’s worth. He’s helping people put aside their fears and be themselves. My goal in writing this blog was to share my experiences as I grow from one of those closeted kinksters to an active member of the community in hopes that it will help my readers who are in the same boat I was in.

My blog is still very young, and I’m still stretching my typing fingers, but yesterday, a reader sent me a message about how he thought I was helping those shy kinksters make their way into the community. That said, to all those who feel alone and distant from community, hold tight. I grew up feeling the same way. Yes, a majority of kinksters are usually never as close as you want them to be, but there will be a time when you can get out there and meet them. My experiences, outlined here, are proof that the first step can happen when you least expect it.

I want to thank Tynan for all of his great work with his blog, as well as the huge extra effort he puts forward by traveling to distant cities to speak to the masses. I’d also like to thank my readers for making this blog worth something to more than just myself.

I have a post coming soon about my first huge kink gathering that really helped to show me what I really wanted and have been looking for most of my life.  And yes… there will be a few pictures for you :P

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