Jun 28, 2012

The Next Chapter

… At the time, it was just another message.  I was a little more excited about it than most because it was from someone closer to my age, which is really hard to come by down here in the ‘retirement state’, but he was completely on the other side of the state so I didn’t think much of it.  Eventually, one message turned into two, two to three, and so on.  We realized that our interests were very parallel which helped to shrink the distance between us.  Eventually the time came for me to make the drive, a little more than 2 hours, to meet this kid and his boyfriend (also kinky).

It wasn’t long before he was the strongest kink friend I had.  It wasn’t long after that before I considered him one of my best friends.  Most of the best kinky times of my life have involved him.  He opened up a whole new chapter of my life.  Eventually, he helped me get to where I am now, meeting new guys, seeing new places, and trying new things:  all of which I could only dream of just a year ago.  Immediately after I began this new exploration, I realized exactly how much weight kink holds in my life (a lot).  Thanks for everything flyboyfl!

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