Jun 28, 2012

Denver: Day 2, Night 3

This day started with a lovely brunch to celebrate the event.  The food and company were both great.  The rest of the day was fairly similar to the day before.  We went back to our friends place and play was off and on for the afternoon.  Eventually it was dinner time and burgers and chicken were made.  Delicious!  We all settled down to watch the awards (of course).  After a little more hanging out and relaxing, I was more than happy to go to bed in a rubber sleep sack.  About 5 hours later it was time to wake up and get prepared for what would be a long journey back to a not so sunny ’sunshine state’.  We arrived to a rainy night to match our gloomy moods.  We were all saddened by the weekend having to end, but what a weekend it was!

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