Feb 13, 2015

Creating Change 2015

I was recently given the opportunity to travel to Denver for something called "Creating Change". This event is a conference on LGBT equality, attracting nearly 4,000 people. This event landed on my calendar because Sir was to speak against conversion therapy and its harmful effects. I happily agreed to come and support him, before being told that he was also participating in a kink themed workshop; a workshop that I was to be involved in: as his subject.

I got in Thursday night, when Sir, myself, and a good local friend had dinner and spent a short time at the Denver Eagle. Upon returning to the hotel, we found a group of 10 people waiting outside our hotel room door for us. Sir had planned a little get together for some members of the community that had an interest in kink. We had a busy weekend ahead of us.

Friday morning brought some excellent fun prior to starting the day. We rushed down to a conference room that was rather difficult to locate, just in time for Sir to participate in the workshop about conversion therapy. After the important workshop was finished, we headed off to grab a quick lunch. After lunch, we headed back up to the room to catch up on a little bit of rest before the big kink workshop. While the workshop was all planned out, my role was to be Sir's subject of a flogging demonstration. It wasn't until right before the workshop started that Sir told me that our portion of the demonstration would also include paddling.

Our first workshop of the morning attracted about 50 people, so I was expecting to see about the same amount for our second workshop. Sir had a somewhat higher estimate of about 100 people. As we started the workshop, there were easily 200 people sitting and standing in the room awaiting the presentation. The room was packed. When the chairs were full, people sat on the floor of the isle. When the isle was full, people stood behind the chairs in the back of the room. I would say that the room was 'standing-room-only', but there wasn't even room for that. Everyone involved in the workshop was floored by the turn out. The workshop got underway and when Sir got to the topic of roles, he used our relationship as an example and wasted no time in ordering me into the spotlight and onto my knees. To put it as simple as possible, I was extremely nervous. I don't do well in front of large crowds, and here I was, on my knees, in front of the largest audience I have ever been in front of in my life. While nervous, this time in the spotlight worked well to acclimate me to the additional attention. Before long, I was ordered back to my spot on the floor just off the "stage" area.

After a couple of additional information segments, the crowd was pleased that it was finally time to see the live demonstrations, which was what attracted many of them to the workshop. Most workshops at this event involved speeches and presentations, so live action demonstrations draw a little more attention. For the duration of the workshop, I was tasked with session photography. The time finally came for me to put my phone down and rejoin Sir before the crowd. But this time was different. This time I would be paddled. As I walked up to Sir, he began to reintroduce me to the crowd, but he did something unexpected. Knowing I was nervous to be in front ofso many people, he pointed it out to the audience and asked for a round of applause for me. The room erupted with the sounds of clapping and cheering, and all for little ol' me. I just about melted. I understood right then, just how excited and serious this group of people was about learning about what we do. I was no longer nervous. I was no longer afraid. I was thrilled and high on life. I can't thank Sir enough for breaking that barrier for me. I will never be afraid to speak or demonstrate kink in front of a large crowd again.

The workshop continued with other demonstrations, including rope work, temperature play, additional impact play, and another demo where I was flogged. When the workshop was over, we began to pack up our gear as the main presenters (Sir and three others) answered questions from the extra-curious members of the audience. Sir and I were both shocked and thrilled when one of the first questions came from a very young new comer, but was directed towards me, rather than any of the main presenters. This was my first real glimpse into Sir's life as an acitivist and teacher of the community. It was incredible to be able to speak to someone at such a young age about their curiosity and questions about kink. Additional questions, comments, and adorations really helped to hit home the reality that there is more interest in kink than one might see at first glance.

That is incredibly exciting.

Later that evening, we attended a drag show at the event before hosting another little informative play session in our room and calling it a night. Saturday morning started with another fun play session before starting the day. Sir and I got a chance to explore the flexibility of our roles as we both Dominated a guy together who was experiencing bondage for his first time. When we finished, we headed down to a kink caucus, where a small group of about 70 people got together to discuss kink in their region, how well it is accepted, and how to better improve its acceptance. After dinner, Sir had plans to play with a great local guy before the three of us headed back out to the Denver Eagle for an hour or so. Due to the success and overwhelming interest from the kink workshop, Sir had helped to organize a last minute, off the books, demonstration session that would allow the participants to get a little more hands-on than the workshop. We started this immediately after we left the bar. Everyone that participated seemed to have an incredible time. The smiles and laughter that I saw in that conference room in those early morning hours was heart warming.

Sunday started in the usual way, but included a very fun third party. When we finally managed to drag ourselves out of bed and pack, we headed down for a parting brunch before heading to the airport to return home.

This weekend was unlike anything I had experienced before. This was the first event I have ever attended that included the full spectrum of the LGBT community. I was there to help Sir teach, but in turn, ended up learning more about the community than I ever could have predicted. The support, love, and caring that this community holds for its members was enlightening and beautiful. I can't wait to be a part of it next year.

Jan 22, 2015

MAL 2015

MAL has once again come and gone, and like any leather event, it was incredible. This was only my second MAL, but I did things a little differently this time. An opportunity to attend the event by staying with Sir allowed for the personal time we both desired, while still allowing easy access to the event and so many friends and amazing guys.

To start, the weekend was an amazing success. Travel was cheap and easy, the weather was cooperative, and the event went off without a hitch. I arrived Thursday night, along with a couple close friends, and spent the night at the hotel with them. Sir and I met at a local bar that was hosting a bit of a welcoming party for the event before heading to the hotel to socialize a bit more before bed. The next morning brought some quick play and an excellent breakfast, followed but more play in the hotel room with both new and old friends. We did some shopping to get the essentials for the weekend and by the time we were done, the market was opening up, so we headed down that way to check it out. Sir bought a leather shoulder to wrist restraint system and led me around the market in it, which was amazing.

After the market, Sir and I headed back to his place to drop off my luggage and collect a few things for the event. Upon returning to the hotel, we began preparing for a rubber meet and greet. I've been in rubber many times before, each one was great, but always had a bit of a feeling like I was on display. I suppose that's not entirely strange; being squeezed into something so tight and shiny. This time was different though. I had never felt so comfortable and 'right' in rubber before. It was perfect!

Sir and I had an perfect Saturday morning in bed before grabbing lunch on our way back to the hotel. We headed back to the market, where I was again led around by collar and leash while bound in leather. Sir had some volunteer work in the evening, so I headed out to dinner with friends before getting back to the event for some play and to socialize in the lobby and dance a bit downstairs. Later that night, Sir and I enjoyed our personal time together, away from the event.

Sunday morning started off about the same way. In the afternoon, I had plans to get tied up while Sir had to take care of some things. I ended up strapped down to a bed in the most intense and restrictive hogtie I have ever been in. It was amazing. After my scene, I headed back to the hotel to hang out with a few friends in their room. While there, I met a few new guys and made a few new friends. After a bit more time in the lobby, we said some goodbyes and headed home with a cute pup in tow.

Monday was a 'non-event' day, but far from uneventful. Sir and I had plans to expand my interests by fisting me for my first time. As I had been told before, fisting is an intensely trustworthy activity, not to mention an intense experience itself. I didn't quite take the whole fist, but I'm extremely excited to have been able to make it past the widest part. I'm in no hurry to go again, but I can definitely say that it will be happening again!

The weekend had one downside: staying somewhere away from the hotel. It was great having the privacy, but the frequent commute to the hotel was time consuming and needing to store the things we brought in our gracious friends rooms was not not convenient. We will definitely be at the host hotel or a nearby hotel next year. All in all, the weekend was fantastic. Now... how long until IML?

Nov 9, 2014

MIR 2014, Part 2

As I approached Chicago and saw the cities beautiful skyline, I finally knew my ideal was over. The festivities could begin. When I left the terminal, Sir was waiting for me. It was the most comforting thing I had seen in weeks. Our first stop was food. Having been stuck in an airport that was essentially closed all night, I hadn't eaten anything all night but the complimentary cookies I was given on my flight. Once we had a solid breakfast, we headed to our friends place to rest. Sir's flight from the previous night was also very delayed, so they got little sleep that night as well.

Upon arrival, Sir and I went down for a "nap" before getting a much needed shower and heading over to the Center on Halstead, where the event was being held. We all just went in cotton since my bags had not yet arrived on the flight that I was supposed to be on. After a quick tour of the market, we headed towards the airport to pickup my bag, hoping that it made it to its final destination. Luck was on my side when we saw it sitting with a grouping of other bags from my canceled flight.

Finally with rubber, we headed back to our friends place to get ready for the night. I had a brand new short suit, red and silver, that I was dying to get into. Eventually, it was getting late, so we headed back to the Center to join the action. By that time, the market was closed but the cocktail party had begun before the competition. After some socializing, we headed in to watch the competition. This was actually a first for me. This was my second MIR, and I had been to one MAL and three IML's, but I had never actually watched the competitions. I was pleasantly surprised. I won't lie, I fell asleep for a few minutes towards the end, but can you blame me? I had gotten about an hour of sleep during the previous 40 hours. It had nothing to do with the show.

After the contest, we headed down the street to Steamworks. I've known about this place for years, but had never been. In fact, I had never been to a bathhouse before. The experience certainly taught me a lot about myself and my interests in exhibitionism. I enjoy an exhibitionist streak. When in the mood, I can enjoy being watched by others. I learned very quickly that this only applies when I allow it. I found myself very uncomfortable when I discovered hidden eyes peaking at me and Sir through holes. On the whole, the experience was awesome, and I am looking forward to going back. I found it to be a fantastic place to both relax and... 'exercise'.

It was a very late night, but regardless of that, Sir and I were up and at it before we planned on being awake. After an amazing lunch, we headed back to our friends place to get rubbered up. This time, I was in my new catsuit. This was my first time in a rubber catsuit; something I had been looking forward to for years. I loved it! The feeling was incredible. We spent some time in the market before returning home to pack and rest a bit before or journeys home. Prior to heading to the airport, we spent an hour at a bar, enjoying a drink and each other's company.

Despite the rocky start, the trip ended up being incredible, although far too short. I can't wait for next year, where I will definitely plan for more time!

Nov 1, 2014

MIR 2014, Part 1

The weekend started terribly.

I flew up with connecting flights. Weather cropped up at my connecting airport, which led to about 30 minutes in a holding pattern. It was annoying, but I still had plenty of time before my next flight. After holding for that amount of time, our pilot announced that we had depleted our fuel reserves and that we had to land at an airport in a different state, 40 minutes away. When we landed, we were told that a fueling truck was on its way, and we just had to wait our turn, as there was one other plane that had arrived before us that required fuel as well.

Nearly an hour and a half painfully ticked by before the fuel trucks finally arrived. Fortunately, they sent a truck for each plane, rather than just one. During this time, I watched my next flights estimated departure pushed back, hoping that against all odds, it will be delayed long enough for me to get to the right airport and board with the other passengers. It's strange. This is the first time in my life that I've ever actually wanted my flight to be delayed.

Almost 3 hours after landing, we were finally back in the air. We landed in the time we were old it would take. Fortunately, my next flight was delayed just enough for me to make it. I rushed clear across the airport to make it to a different concourse. Out of breath, I made it to my gate before anyone had started boarding, only to hear an announcement that they were having personnel issues, and there may not be a crew available to work the flight. There was a possibility that it would be cancelled, leaving me stuck.

It was canceled.

The airline booked me on a set of connecting flights the following day that would put me in at 3 pm. That was NOT good enough. My weekend with Sir was already short as it was. I wasn't going to lose almost a full day on top of that. I had to bite the bullet and book a last minute flight with another airline that would get me in at 9am. So here I am... Spending the night on an airport bench with nothing but my phone, my tablet, and the shirt on my back. I've been awake for 21 hours and I doubt that I'll be getting any sleep until I'm boarded and in my seat.

Oct 4, 2014

A New Chapter

This past weekend was a big weekend for Sir and I. While we have settled into our roles when around only each other, this weekend presented the first opportunity to see how things worked while surrounded by a large group of kinky friends, many of whom we both wish to play with.

I've known for years now that I eventually wanted to have a Sir. Not a Sir who turns into your pal when the scene is over, but a Sir that I could be dedicated to and expect the same dedication to me in return. Knowing that I wanted this, I've questioned just how doable it is when I have the desire to have a diverse range of kinky experiences with an equally diverse group of kinksters. Between my kink life and my relationship with my Sir, I always felt that one would likely end up detracting from the other.

With the kink community and play being very important to both of us, we agreed that we must work out exactly what our limits are when it comes to playing with others. This is a subject that we have both put a lot of thought into. We agreed that while we both belong to each other, we both need the ability to play with others. In most instances, play is allowed with permission from the other. We have both agreed that permission will likely be granted in a majority of cases unless issues of safety, health, or threats to our relationship status are present.

With both of us being intelligent and responsible adults, issues of health and safety don't concern us as much as threats to our relationship status. Our biggest fears come in the form of jealousy. This weekend was an excellent test of our commitment to each other.

We aced it.

As it turns out, you can have your cake and eat it too. Sir and I have the utmost respect and love for each other. At the end of the day, we end up back in each others arms with huge smiles on our faces. What more could you ask for?

And so begins a new chapter in my kink life.